Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey Lashes out against the Presidential Pardon for Joe Arpaio

The Presidential pardon for the former Maricopa County Sheriff was a shock for many, especially the people who faced his tortures. Sheriff Joe Arpaio was found to be convicted of criminal contempt in July 2017 for not obeying the instructions of the racial-profiling lawsuit.

He was waiting for sentence and a possible jail term, but the Presidential pardon changed his fate. Interestingly, the case was validated by the Susan R. Bolton, the District Judge, in October 2017, and that showed the signs of a case that was running for almost ten years. It started with the arrests of Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, two newspapermen from Arizona, in 2007.

The news reporters were relentlessly covering the abuses and misdeeds of Arpaio in their publication, Phoenix New Times. The coverage became critical and took him to court and stand convicted. Recently, Lacey spoke his mind about the Presidential pardon for the Sheriff.

He said that President Trump is a stupid person, and the pardon of Arpaio showed the same. Lacey continued that it looked like a perfect marriage between two individuals who are corrupt.

The sheriff was propagating racism and torture, and his jails filled with corpses. Arpaio created brutal jail conditions, and he made a tent city prison which he called a concentration camp. Read more: Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund and Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia

He further added that the Sheriff Arpaio was notorious for suicides of inmates, beating them to death, diversion of $100 million jail funds, and more. The jails of Arpaio also saw numerous sex crimes – a significant number of them were targeting children.

The racial profiling towards Latinos resulted in the lawsuit Melendres v. Arpaio. Lacey feels that Arpaio’s escape from the term showed the failure of the justice system. The case only ended up as a contempt of court, and it did not cover the inmate deaths or tortures executed by the sheriff.

Additionally, he and Larkin recited their arrests in October 2007 by the security forces of the sheriff. Larkin and Lacey were founding Village Voice Media almost four decades back immediately after their college education. While Larkin was the group’s CEO, Lacey assumed the role of the executive editor of the group publications. The media group had 17 publications at its height, and Phoenix New Times was one among them.

Both the reporters covered a large number of atrocities committed by the sheriff and his security forces including wrongful deaths, misuse of authority, unconstitutional actions, and more from 1992 – the year Arpaio took office for the first time.

Arpaio started targeting the newspaper since it started covering his office extensively. He banned the New Times reporters from his conferences, threatened the reporters of newspaper with arrest, not providing the county records requested by the group, and more.

Larkin confirmed that Arpaio felt like they were a constant thorn in his way, and due to that reason, both of them got arrested.

They were pulled from their homes at midnight and put behind bars by the security forces of Arpaio. But, the immediate reaction of American civil society made Arpaio release them without charges within 24 hours.

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UTC is Still Kicking Thanks to Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert has rightly been hailed as a business legend up there with Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. This reputation comes to him because of his time as the chief executive officer at the United Technologies Corporation. His successful run as the CEO occurred during the difficult years of 2004 to 2008. At this time the entire world was facing a recession, and while other companies were going bankrupt, United Technologies Corporation was thriving. In fact, Louis Chenevert was able to raise his stock’s price by over $90 a share.

Louis Chenevert recently stepped down from the helm of United Technologies Corporation and a celebration was given in his honor. The executive team gathered to tell everybody what he had actually done to make UTC so successful. One of the things mentioned was his ability to maneuver such a large corporation with swiftness. The reason this was important is that businesses are now having to adapt to the culture at a very quick rate. One cultural trend that really affected United Technologies Corporation was the shift to become more environmentally friendly. Louis Chenevert saw that companies would soon pass stricter environmental regulations on his industry and he prepared for it in advance. By the time the United States of America and Canada passed new regulations, United Technologies Corporation was not only ready to survive; they were ready to thrive.

The executive team also told how Louis Chenevert had an uncanny insight on how a recession impacted which product. The problem during this time was that the chief product by United Technologies Corporation was being severely hit by the global recession. Louis Chenevert knew that there were ways to offset this deficit by creating similar products for which they already had the supplies for but was different enough not to be affected by the recession.

This was accomplished by acquiring infrastructure contracts, military contracts, and the closest competitor, Goodrich.

Many believe that Louis Chenevert is the sole reason that the United Technologies Corporation is thriving today. Had it not been for his leadership UTC may not have survived the recession.

A Closer Look at the Health Products for Jeunesse

Living a healthy lifestyle is important for many people. One of the biggest issues with living a healthy lifestyle is eating quality food. There are many companies that offer health coaching and advice. However, few companies offering both health coaching and health supplements.

Jeunesse is a small company that is changing the industry. Over the past few years, the company has grown rapidly in a variety of ways. There are many people who use the products sold by Jeunesse. The company spends a lot of time finding products that truly work.

Direct Selling

One of the reasons for the rapid growth of Jeunesse is the direct selling program offered by the company. This program is a great way for people to earn additional income. Over the past few years, hundreds of people have taken advantage of this program.

Jeunesse allows customers to purchase a portion of inventory at a reduced price. This inventory is then sold to other customers for a profit. Not only does this help customers increase their income, but it also helps Jeunesse with marketing. Jeunesse spends a lot of money on quality materials to use in the products. As a result, the company has less capital to use for marketing. The company relies on satisfied customers to advertise the products on social media.

Future Products

Jeunesse has had a lot of success with the current products offered by the company. However, in the coming years, the company plans to add even more products to the portfolio. Each of the products will be tested rigorously before allowing customers to purchase them. Jeunesse has a great reputation in the industry because the company only sells products that are proven to work. Many people have had success losing weight or increasing energy levels by using these products.

Great Agenda of Larkin and Lacey in the Scene of Human Rights

Michael and Jim are known to be the great people in the community. They were playing the role of journalism before they decided to be part of the personnel who are contributing to the development of the community.

They then venture their concern in was the area of human rights and development. The decision came after the cases that were common in the society about the discrimination of the immigrants and the violation of the human rights.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin decision of setting up an organization by the name Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media intended to boost equality in the society through the support of the various small teams that were fighting for the human rights in the community. The support of the group regards the financial and the delivery of the bits of advice to the team of experts concerned about driving the goals of the panels to the required niche.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin had experience in the field, and they knew all the challenges that were facing the refugees from all corners of the United States mainly the Arizona city. The factor placed them in an improved position of bringing the remedy to the problem that had taken the better part of the society.

The two were skilled leaders who had the capabilities of handling the mission of the group through the programs set to undertake in the field. All the necessary measure were put in place to give the team fighting for the human rights an opportunity to address the challenges and create a lasting solution to the mess that was facing the refugees in the United States.

The step took by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin form togetherness among the groups that were fighting for the democracy and human rights across the board. The two had a common goal of making the society became a solid through equality and justice.

The dedication by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin gained support from various corners of the world especially from the concerned bodies of the justice and human rights. There are several achievements that the group recorded through their agenda of resisting the incidents of discrimination in the community.

Larkin and Lacey came under arrest at the moment they were undertaking their daily routine in their house. The event happened during the night from orders of the Sheriff. The ordeal marked the surprise on the society and people became curious to know the cause of the arrest.

The factor that precipitated the detention of the Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin was the informative statement contained in their article about the proceeds of the grand jury. Larkin and Lacey’s primary intention was to let the public aware of the issues taking place.

The commotion and the public outcry demanding the release of the journalist made the judges drop the case against them. They were given compensation of $3.75 million. They invested the amount in boosting their agenda of transforming the society through human rights programs. The other set of the money was utilized in the fight for freedom of speech.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have remained to be exemplary in the community through their contribution to the society.

Boraie Development Develops New Brunswick

Omar Boraie is probably the main reason that the city of New Brunswick, New Jersey is bustling and alive today.


Omar Boraie had a simple dream. He remembered his times traveling across the continent of Europe and seeing the marvelous thriving cities that made up the economic centers. He dreamed that New Brunswick, New Jersey could reach the heights of the greatest cities in Europe. When he arrived back in the United States of America, he shared his vision with his various associates, and they ended up laughing him out of the room. However, after working hard for forty years, Boraie is having the final laugh.


Boraie.com reports that Boraie Development LLC has been spending their time and money rebuilding the city. In that timeframe, they have donated a grand total of $150 million. This money has been used to grow both the residential and commercial infrastructure of the city. You could not be blamed for not knowing, but NJbiz.com reports that Omar Boraie does everything he can to keep his donations a secret. He is a humble man and does not want everyone to know what he is doing,


Omar Boraie and the Boraie Development LLC have been able to resurrect New Brunswick by performing a four-step plan. The first step is to move the city to a place where it is a better place to raise a family. The second step is to bring business practices back to the area. The third step is to reward current businesses for staying dedicated to the city. The fourth step is to bring business professionals back to New Brunswick. Check out Bloomberg to see more.


Boraie Development LLC accomplished the first goal by reaching out to the State Theater. The New Jersey Stage published an article discussing how Omar Boraie came up with the idea of “Summer Movie Nights.” His idea was to provide seven free movies throughout the summer so that families could spend time loving on one another. 7,500 were in attendance.


Boraie Development LLC accomplished their second goal by building commercial real-estate to entice business owners to come. According to NJbiz.com, Omar Borie build two commercial towers modeled after New York City. These towers are affectionately known as Albany Street Tower 1 and 2.


Boraie Development LLC accomplished their third goal by convincing the giant Johnson and Johnson to stay.


Boraie Development LLC accomplished their last goal with the 370,000 square foot Aspire tower.



See more: http://www.wsj.com/articles/SB1000142405270230452620457909952025609506

Betsy Devos – article recap

U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos has been a reformer throughout her life, starting with her undergraduate career at Calvin College. Serving six years as chair of the Michigan Republican Party, DeVos has also been a powerful advocate for school choice as chair of the American Federal for Children as well as the Alliance for School Choice.


Prior to her confirmation as U.S. Secretary of Education, DeVos offered a wide-ranging interview on education for Philanthropy Magazine’s Roundtable, discussing her holistic efforts to improve education in America along with her husband Dick DeVos.


A strong and experienced advocate for charter schools, including the West Michigan Aviation Academy in Grand Rapids, founded by Dick DeVos, Secretary DeVos emphasized a variety of approaches to strengthening options for school choice. She is aware that many charter school advocates believe that charters will solve all educational problems, but she supports a broader variety of educational options for parents. Charter schools require time and extensive funding to become operational, she said, noting that there were already a number of private schools that could also take students for improved educational opportunities.


DeVos’ experience and commitment to education reform dates back to the days when she and her husband had school-aged children. One source of her inspiration arose from a visit to the Potter’s House Christian School in Grand Rapids, Mich., which has had a long tradition of serving low-income families. Betsy DeVos mentored a Potter’s House student and founded the Great Lakes Education Project in 2000, which soon experienced success in expanding Michigan’s charter schools.


The idea to expand the Michigan Charter School experience nationally led to the founding of a series of organizations, culminating in DeVos’ service as chair of the American Federation for Children. DeVos told Philanthropy that some of the biggest successes in education reform had come in Indiana, Louisiana, and Florida. Particularly in Florida, with the integration of a variety of non-profit and political action committee organizations and broad public support for school choice, DeVos noted that over 50,000 students were now attending a school chosen by their parents: not by zip code.


With a personal and philanthropic connection to the Sunshine State through her husband Dick DeVos’ family, including her father-in-law Richard DeVos, owner of the Orlando Magic, DeVos recently highlighted school choice and charter successes with a Florida trip. She appeared with rapper Pitbull (Armando Christian Perez) at the charter school he founded, the Sports Leadership and Management Academy in Little Havana in Miami. NPR recent asked, “Is Pitbull the new Mr. Education?” but Betsy DeVos was there long before the news agency. Learn more: http://www.betsydevos.com/education/

Satisfied Customers With Securus Technologies

System Control For Contraband Cellphones


We could list roughly a 1,000 ways that illegal contraband enters private facilities. This contraband is part of an illegal system of operates who learn about technology and other areas that can infiltrate protected areas. One way that those in the criminal world are developing deals with cellphones.


Securus Technologies is a national, leading security agency that works to fight against the contraband flowing into private sectors and against the people who help sustain illegal activity. Securus operates with a system control on contraband cellphones and works to identify an infiltration if its own networks are hacked.



Built For Fort Knox And Used In A Private Facility


The resulting technology of Securus Technologies has the reputation of Fort Knox. The difference is that it takes advanced security technology and in order to monitor criminal infiltration. This market is also very large. There’s a huge manufacturer that creates clothing and gear for the private industry.


Other agencies work to provide meals private facilities prepare and consume. From snacks to electronics that end up in private facilities, there’s no end to the many manufacturing needs required that mirrors the productivity of the public world. Securus solely focuses on the safety tech of privates facilities.



The Technology Of The Criminal Mind


Safety in the hands of Securus is a matter of protecting professionals and government agencies from criminal activity and from infiltrations. These two concepts are where Securus thrives as a leader in security for the private sector. The agency masters technology based protection against illegal activity.


It monitors these activities and in order to identify crime.


It’s not always clear what the intent of criminal minds are.


It takes gradual steps and monitoring to ensure that the info you gather is not misleading you. Criminals also have rights protecting them, so no agency can make assumptions in the criminal world.

Joel Frant of the Habanero Shaker

Joel Frant currently serves in helping people on how to become successful. His passion for helping other people succeed was first triggered by the 2008 financial crises. Ever since, he took interest in learning more about crypto currency and block chain trading. He has used the knowledge acquired in helping others understand how it works and how one can successfully invest in it.

He has worked as a real estates and home remodel sales personnel which were his very first jobs. Joel then left the sales job and became an entrepreneur in 1995 where he created a Thai concept in food production, branding himself ‘The Thai Guy’. It is during this period that he first created his own branded pepper, The Habanero.

In 2003, he started helping people to own homes. He did this through his experience in real estate sales and in the process he was able to learn about the real estate mortgage which helped him to open a new mortgage lending company.

Joel became interested in doing online sales after practicing as a sales person for some time and he took an online selling course, learning how to sell on Amazon and eBay. The course helped him to actively bring back his rebranded product in the market, The Original Habanero Shaker, originally introduced in the market in 1995.

What makes Joel’s pepper different from other peppers is the amount of heat and flavor it contains. It is able to combine the two and come up with a super-hot heat but bearable for the mouth yet maintaining its perfect flavor.

In a Scoville heat scale developed in 1912 by a pharmacologist called Scoville, Habanero averages to 200,000 Scoville units. The heat is produced in the placental ridges of the Chinense species of pepper rather than its seeds as always thought.

The Habanero pepper has pain reliving health benefits coming from a substance called Capsaicin found in this species of pepper. This substance triggers the release and production of endorphins by the brain in a very good dosage. Endorphin is a natural painkiller that is produced by the body.

Learn more about Joel Friant on Crunchbase

AvaTrade Review: Is it the Right Forex Broker for You?

AvaTrade is a Forex online trading platform that was founded in 2006 and it can be used by novice or expert traders. The Forex platform is complicated and involves time zones all over the globe. There are many differences between Forex and Nasdaq and just because you excel in one doesn’t mean you will do well in the other. There are numerous Forex brokers online so you have to do thorough research before choosing one. The reviews of these platforms can also be conflicting. The website GcReport.com recently reviewed AvaTrade and came up with a list of pros and cons below.


  • Defines everything upfront so that customers know exactly what to expect from the company.
  • It inspires easy confident trading.
  • It is a great and fast course into Forex
  • Manages over $60 billion a month in trading


  • Doesn’t have automated bots to do the trading for you.
  • No guidance on how much to trade or invest, but it does provide data history on how certain investments have done.
  • This platform or other like it will not be able to tell you teach you everything about the complex market.

A newcomer will probably benefit the most from AvaTrade because it will teach you the basics to become successful in Forex. If you don’t understand world currencies, it will teach you conversion rates and show you the time zones of all stocks.

Experienced traders can benefit from this platform also. They can gain insight on when to trade or make moves. There is an abundance of information on currency and exchange rates. The platform can be used as a refresher or reference guide for expert traders.

AvaTrade is reviewed as one of the leading Forex brokers in the world with locations worldwide to include: New York, Tokyo, Milan and Sydney. It is regulated by numerous countries where it does business.

AvaTrade has a demo account that is free to anyone that allows you to trade with virtual money to get comfortable before making a decision to join.

Bitcoin and Investing with The Oxford Club

There are a lot of companies that exist today to help people get informed on the current financial state of the world. Everyone wants to make a quick buck but many do not have enough knowledge on the topic to do things on their own. That is why companies such as The Oxford Club exist, which give out solid and reliable information so that new and old investors can get an edge over all of their competitors.

The Oxford Club is a private publisher that specializes in investments and financial advice. Their headquarters is located in Baltimore, Maryland within the United States of America. The Oxford Club has about 80,000 members in over 100 countries across the world. They publish on a wide variety of formats both online and on paper. With monthly newsletters, investment research services, trading recommendations, seminars, symposiums,and overseas excursions, The Oxford Club has continually proven itself as a reliable a solid source for investment advice for new and old investors.

Their latest articles discusses bitcoin which has become one of this years hottest trading items. The article talks about how bitcoin has risen from 900 to 16,000 thousand dollars in just this year alone. The author discusses how bitcoin and other currencies are great for short term profits but not to rely on them for your retirement. The Oxford Club goes on to talk about how if you are ever going to buy crypocurrencies, then now is the time to do it before things become way too expensive for the average person to get involved. Overall this article and The Oxford Club itself are a great resource that anyone interested in the investment game should look at for sure.