Sightsavers Helps Arrest Eye Problems across the World

Eye health is a crucial subject that requires professionalism. There are plenty of things an individual can do to keep their eye health in check. But, there are times when even the general doctor cannot reverse the situation. In such instances, Sightsavers come in handy. Well, this organization was formed by a blind man. Perhaps he realized that the world would be a better place with his input since many people had irreversible blindness.


Sightsavers was formed in 1950. The organization has an international presence in some of the world’s developing countries. Initially, it was called the British Empire Society for the Blind, and it helped people across six countries. Its mission is educating and rehabilitating members of the society on how to treat eye problems.


Sightsavers conducted a general survey about eye health in Africa in 1953. The analysis indicated that 80 percent of blind people suffered from preventable situations. Others could also be cured. Coupled with trachoma and onchocerciasis, fondly defined as river blindness, many people from West Africa suffered from different eye health issues. In 1955, Sightsavers created pioneer schemes for training in the rural areas with the intention of integrating blind people in their communities and teaching them useful skills like crop cultivation, herding, as well as fishing.

Contribution to the Community


In some states, disability is linked to inability. This means that scholars are not allowed to enroll in school. As such, Sightsavers has been supporting inclusive education. Children with visual impairment are permitted to earn an education. These classes encourage governments to help scholars with disabilities get access to quality education.


Sightsavers offers programs that help the disabled feel included in community projects. Since many governments have various policies but they limit such people from participating, it has become increasingly important for Sightsavers to build capacity for organizations to include the less fortunate and people with disability to enjoy constructive activities in their communities. Besides, the foundation operates in different spheres of life including employment, arts, culture, education, and environment. With these dockets, the company hopes to eliminate eye problems in different communities.

Freedom Checks: Minimal Risks, High Returns

Freedom Checks have become a household name is the investment world. New investors and conventional investors are constantly looking for investment opportunities that are sustainable, safe and have higher returns. These checks fit in the above investment checklist. Nevertheless, how are these checks different from other investments? Are they sustainable? Do these checks have a legal backing in relevant investment laws?

One of the chief investment questions every investor asks before investing is the legality aspect of the investment. Is this particular investment model relevant to relevant laws? Fortunately, Freedom Checks have a legal standing (Statute 26-F). The investment model of this type of investment is entirely MLP model based. This means that the model is not only safe but also sustainable.

What is the advantage of investing in Freedom checks compared to other stocks? There are several reasons why this type of investment is lucrative. The venture has high returns in investment. High and sustainable returns are every investor’s dream. The reason why there are higher returns on the investment is that unlike other investments, MLPs have huge tax reliefs. High tax reliefs which have a legal backing (Statue 26-F) and this gives them the needed consistency over a long investment period.

Apart from tax reliefs on MLPs, what other reasons make this investment model exceptional? Freedom checks have a strong basis in the energy sector. According to many USA policies in the last two decades, energy is a big industry. Investing in such a big industry means that the investment is not only wise but has a huge potential in near future. The MLPs companies are active in oil transportation, refining and more importantly drilling more wells.

Do these checks have a similar model with other conventional investments? Every investment has risks. Fortunately, unlike other investments, the risks in this particular investment are minimal. The distribution of the checks is also similar to how other investment returns are distributed. This means that the investor can easily access the checks in line with the stipulated agreement between them and the master limited partnership or MLP.

The story if this investment mode is incomplete without Matt Badiali. The energy expert has vastly studied energy sector. Therefore, it is without any doubt the checks are the game changers.

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Suf Air Celebrates Five Years With Its Customers

Surf Air started at LAX airport. The company wanted to give wealthy individuals the ability to maximize their weekends by offering charter flights to other California destinations. Members of the airline could schedule charter flights to Redwoods, Napa, Lake Tahoe or Santa Barbara.

Surf Air became the first airline club that allows members to schedule an unlimited number of charter flights in their network. It started in California five years ago and now the company has expanded. The intercontinental airline has just announced the addition of 20 new European cities to their network.

Members can now charter flights from LAX to Milan, Vienna, Luxembourg and Munich. And it doesn’t stop there. Surf Air recently teamed up with Blade Air to expand to even more destinations in the northeast.

Blade Air operates out of New York City. The company takes passenger members on helicopters and seaplanes from Manhattan to places like Nantucket, East Hampton and Newport. The member airline also runs seven different luxury lounges on the east coast. Surf Air members now have access to the entire menu of Blade Air services.

And to Surf Air has just announced free membership upgrades to all of its current customers in order to celebrate its five-year anniversary. This comes just as the private terminal in LAX opens up for business.

The private terminal allows members of Surf Air to avoid all the large crowds at LAX. Members are treated to a low-profile entry into the airport that sees them skipping security lines and long customs waits. The private terminal has its own security force and its own customs agents. Members are taken right to their plane waiting out on the tarmac while Surf Air employees immediately handle customer’s bags.

Easy LAX entry, private charter flights and an expanded network should see Surf Air expand even more in the very near future.

Jim Larkin & Michael Lacey vs. the Injustice of Joe Arpaio

The night of October 18th, 2007 two reporters, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, were arrested on charges of revealing details of a Grand Jury investigation. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

The two put a story in the paper Phoenix New Times, owned by their media company Village Voice, about a secret Grand Jury called by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. What they didn’t know was that the Grand Jury they were revealing to the public was investigating them, Larkin and Lacey.

The reporters had been running stories critical of Arpaio’s policies and actions as Sheriff for some time. Arpaio had apparently had enough and formed a secret Grand Jury to look into the men with the aim of silencing their reporting.

They accused Arpaio of mistreating minorities and women while in custody, profiling anyone who looked Hispanic and various other violations of the law, including revealing some unsavory details about mistreatment and death in Arpaio’s tent city detention facility, which stored inmates and even simple detainees in tents in the Arizona desert. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

These complaints were addressed behind closed doors for years to keep them from the public eye, but Lacey and Larkin’s reporting helped bring them to light. Arpaio nonetheless continued his policies of discrimination, even when told to cease by a Federal judge in court in 2011.

Though they were detained, separately, for 24 days, the charges against Lacey and Larkin were dropped and Arpaio’s abuses of power were made international news during their stay. The charges were dropped and Arpaio, after losing re-election in 2016 and facing charges himself, found himself on the other side of the law.

He was found guilty, but was pardoned by President Donald Trump. Arpaio was one of the first to endorse Trump’s ear;y campaign and many feel he was attempting to curry favor in advance of a conviction. Arpaio is currently running for one of Arizona’s Senate seats.

Lacey and Larkin continue to keep their eye on Arpaio and report on his activities since his pardon. Arpaio has become a hero figure among Trump supporters and continues to need reporting.

After receiving a settlement from the County after their 24 days in custody the two reporters began the Frontera Fund with the money. Frontera works to help protect the first amendment rights of everyone, particularly Latinos in Arizona where Arpaio’s policies and officers did a great deal of harm to the Latino community.

The Story Of Guilherme Paulus Should Be Taught To Everyone

The story of Guilherme Paulus should be taught to every Brazilian, as well everyone else in the world. In a sovereign nation with an alarmingly high percentage of people living in poverty, Guilherme Paulus is a beacon of light. His business, CVC Brazil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A., proves that Brazil is full of potential when it comes to prosperity, job growth, business smarts and economic growth. Read more about Guilherme Paulus at crunchbase.

Guilherme Paulus is proud to say that he has built a wealth of hotels and resorts that are top quality. Each hotel and resort has a different feel. For example, Wish Natal is for those who wish to look out over the Atlantic Ocean. Wish Natal is located on a part of the Atlantic Ocean that appears tropical, with water that is light blue. It doesn’t look lackluster like in the places of the world up north. If you live in such a place where the ocean is lackluster, or where there are no ocean waters, Wish Natal is the perfect place to be. On average, the temperatures are warm/hot all year long. The average high temperatures are in the 80s, while the average low temperatures are in the 70s. There is very little variation in the temperatures.

St. Andrew’s Mountain can be described as the polar opposite of Wish Natal. For those who crave a mountain experience, St. Andrew’s Mountain is the place to be. The hotel is located in an area with temperate weather that is relatively warm throughout the year—compared to other parts of the world that commonly get colder. Interestingly, in Gramado the warmest month is January and the coolest month is July. On average, it doesn’t get too hot or too cold in the area; the average coolest temperatures are in the late 40s and the average highest temperatures are in the late 80s. It’s a great place for those who like mild weather.

Guilherme Paulus has tapped into the fact that Brazil is so full of different landscapes and climates by building hotels and resorts in different regions. He knows that people have different desires about what types of environments they want to be in.

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Victoria Doramus On Her Story Of Recovery

Victoria Doramus is a recovery expert that uses her own life experiences to help people from all walks of life get the help they need. This is her story about her addiction to drugs and alcohol and how Victoria overcame it to live a healthier and better life. Like an story there are ups and downs and Ms. Doramus’s journey is no different.

At the time in 2011 Victoria was addicted to cocaine and Adderall and her life was spiraling out of control. She went to Sierra Tucson a rehab facility in Tucson, Arizona to recover and get better. Even though she attended rehab she did not fully get the whole scope of the disease until she hit rock bottom. This would happen when Doramus was completely separated from her family and had no one around. Towards the end of the year Victoria was arrested and felt like she had nothing left to lose in her life. It was time to change. She flew to a rehab center for chronic relapsers called Burning Tree in Austin, Texas. It was a touch love place that put her to work in many ways.

It was just what Victoria Doramus needed and she stuck with it. After she left the program Mr. Doramus had no money and nowhere to live, so she got a job as a waitress. She saved up enough money to see her ailing mom, who in her not sober state, was battling cancer. Victoria visited her mom and then moved to New York City where she started her life over. Because of her struggles Doramus is passionate about helping others get the help they need. She is involved in a few non-profits and wants to open her own halfway house. Since recovering Victoria has written a autobiographical book about her addiction called “Adderall: A Love Story” so she can help others succeed in their recovery.

Luiz Carlos Trabucos Cappi’s Service at Banco Bradesco SA

     It is not every day that an employee gets his tenure extended to avoid retirement. CEO Luiz Carlos Trabuco was facing retirement as he turned 65 as per the company’s policy. However, a new system was passed that set the retirement age to 67. This change gave him two more years of service as CEO of Bradesco before being chosen to serve as Chairman, an indication of the confidence of the stakeholders in his service to the second largest bank in Brazil.

Background Information

Upon the resignation of Lazaro de Mello, Luiz Carlos Trabuco became the fourth president and the third Chairman since the beginning of Banco Bradesco in 1943. The HSBC acquisition was made during his tenure as CEO, which resulted to him being awarded Entrepreneur of the Year. Moreover, he presided over the creation of Unibrad, a corporate university under Bradesco. These are perhaps crucial factors that saw him rise to the presidency of the company.

About Luiz Carlos Trabuco

Luiz Carlos Trabuco, a native of Marilia, began working at Bradesco SA at the age of 19 as a bank teller. He worked there for about fifteen years before moving to Sao Paulo where he was promoted to the Marketing Director. While in this position Luiz worked to create a relationship between the bank and the media which showed transparency and the bank became popular among the people of Brazil. Seeing the what he had accomplished, he was promoted to the CEO of Vida e Previdência which is a privately-owned branch of Bradesco dealing with a private pension. During his tenure here, he was awarded the Insurance Business Leader Award twice.

In 2009, Luiz became the president of Bradesco Seguros which is considered the most extensive insurance in both Brazil and Latin America. Thanks to him, Bradesco grew its market share to 25% of the entire Brazilian insurance sector, and the profits of Seguros rose to 35% of the total earnings of Bradesco.

About Banco Bradesco SA

Banco Bradesco is one of the largest financial firms and banks in Brazil. It was founded in Marilia by Amador Aguiar to serve government employees and small landowners. As it grew, it moved to Sao Paulo in 1946 where it expanded to become the largest bank in Brazil. In 1962, the bank was the first in entire Latin America to purchase a computer. It has shown steady growth along the years and has committed to serving its customers diligently. Despite not being the largest, Bradesco is a right bank for the people. A true pioneer in the banking industry.

Fagali, A Genuine and Unforgettable Polynesian Experience

     Genuine Polynesian experiences are getting harder and harder to find, with most so-called experiences being manufactured at big tourist destinations. However, there are still genuine Polynesian experiences to be had. Fagali is one such experience.

The Fagali airport acts as the gateway to your Polynesian experience, although small in size, it provides you with the entry point to the small village on the island of Apia. The island has various experiences waiting for you, like visiting a traditional Samoan village and being part of their tradition as you are taught how to make traditional crafts and dishes, or hear about the history of the tribe and even witness tribal ceremonies where someone gets their tribal tattoo. These are experiences that aren’t manufactured to make money, this is Fagali.

If you’re looking for entertainment, then the small island has you covered there as well with the legendary Fiafa Night at the Beach Tanoa Tusitala Hotel. Men and women dancing with fire with performances even from younger Samoans. The show is a must-see one and will be a memory you will treasure long after the trip.

For the more bibliophile in you, there is the Robert Louis Stevenson Museum, located only 5KMs away from the airport which is kept in memory of the author who spent his last days on the island. The museum provides guided tours and will take you to the grave of the celebrated author. The guides are knowledgeable and provide you with insights like none other.

But if shopping is what you’re after, then you shouldn’t need to worry as the island has many options for the budding shopaholic. The Old Apia market is known for having trinkets and handmade crafts and jewelry that you can buy for the loved ones at home or take back as souvenirs of your visit to this charming Polynesian Island.

For the more adventurous spirit, Fagali provides some of the most amazing dive tours as well as the yoga hiking tour that will not just refresh and energize your body but also your mind.

Fagali may be a small island, but the experiences it offers you are quite amazing. Be it museum visits, adventurous activities, or shopping. This small village is a holiday you will never forget.

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Madison Streets Capital helps Napoleon acquire a credit Facility

Napoleon Machine got a big boost from one of the leading investment banking firms, Madison Street Capital. The company which acted as a financial advisor arranged for the facility, and this means many benefits for Napoleon are on the way. Napoleon is a manufacturing company founded in 2010 and offers various services to its clients. Some of their services include light assembly, painting, customizable metal fabrication among other services provided to clients. Madison Street Capital arranged with Sterling Commercial Credit which offered the credit facility to Napoleon Machine. The Madison CEO, Charles Botchway announced the transaction.




What does the credit facility mean for Napoleon Machine? It means the company will have an access of capital to enable it to run its operations. With the access to operating capital, it means they will offer the best services to their clients. Their main aim is to use this capital to expand and cater to the growing needs of their customers. That gives the company to grow in their business and attract a wide range of clients.




The Madison Street has a team of experts who are always dedicated to working with their customers. They do not jump into a project without knowing what it is all about. Their first thing to do is to learn and understand what the project entails so that they can come with proper decisions. That is why it is not easy to find them making the wrong choices. When working with Napoleon Machine, they took their time to understand what the company needed to operate smoothly and expand their marketplace. After listening and understanding their story, they came up with the creative facility which will enable the company to boost its performance in its field. The transaction was completed when they the team of experts explained the importance of this credit facility to Napoleon Machine. The president of the company is optimistic to continue working with Madison Street Capital.




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Madison Street Capital is a company founded on integrity and excellence. It is run by a team of able leaders and experts who have made it possible for the company to achieve such success when it comes to financial investment decisions. Since it was started, the company has helped many of its clients to achieve their goals and missions. They provide their services to both local and international clients, and they have been reputable so far. Why the success of Madison Street Capital? They take your goals as theirs and work to ensure they achieve them. They do not relent until they have accomplished the goals that you have set out to accomplish. They will take your business from one level to another.


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Why Rocketship Education Network is Growing Rapidly

Why Rocketship Education Network is Growing Rapidly

Education technology has increased in popularity, with elementary schools embracing dynamic learning models. In the US, Rocketship Education is among the fastest growing elementary schools with Edtech systems. The San Jose-based school network is rolling out a plan for developing new schools across the US and becoming a leading innovative school by 2020. But as these plans are underway, a significant challenge is to source enough funding for the developments. In fact, the network has to raise 5.5 million USD for an effective rollout in a single region. Nevertheless, the funding has witnessed success: charities like Bradley Family Foundation helped fund Rocketship new rollout in Milwaukee. Other organizations like the Baird Corporation and the foundation by Walton’s have as well aided in Rocketship funding.

The rapid expansion of Rocketship is also a credit to parents’ support and a visionary, dynamic leadership team. In the school’s model, parents spend a minimum of 30 hours yearly to help support the school. Indeed, 30 hours is accomplishable within one week, meaning, parents spend many hours to help the school grow. This is an unlikely trend in most elementary schools, which have none or unattainable guidelines on parents participation in building schools. The network’s model pays off – for instance, Rocketship plan for Santa Clara to have 20 new schools received support during a meeting of nearly a thousand parents. Other cities on Rocketship spotlight are Washington DC, Memphis, Indianapolis, Nashville, among others. This expansion requires enormous funding, but with parents at its core and a dynamic leadership team, Rocketship will realize its growth plans.

About Rocketship

Rocketship Schools are among the top 10% of public schools in their respective districts offering elementary education. The system has already served 15K students and continues to grow. Education at Rocketship has three foundations: tailored learning, develop talent, and recognizes the power of parents. The customized learning approach helps students get content fit for their specific needs and potential. Likewise, improving the skill of each student is done through investment in growth to support students inside and outside their schools. Lastly, the elementary learning network recognizes the power of parents as parents have been at the center of every development.