The Rise of Arthur Becker-Undocumented Facts

Arthur Becker is a self-made individual. According to, having been involved in many projects over the past, he has developed a highly innovative mind. Together with hard work, a man of great skill in real estate, biotechnology, and information technology has been created. He is a man who greatly believes in talent. A nation can only progress if only it invests both money and time on talented young and energetic minds.

As a young man, Arthur Becker mastered the art of being a successful entrepreneur. Having basic knowledge in business, he got to identify with what really drives an economy. In Arthur Becker’s view, being flexible is the key to success since it allows one to be highly adaptive to different clients and at different times.

Arthur Becker is not a man whose success was given on a silver platter. He had to toil like any other man so as to reach where he is today. At the age of sixteen, Arthur Becker was able to secure employment at the Parks Department, a job that hardly paid him much. With an undying passion to become better in life, he felt motivated to find himself an interesting but rather challenging job.

Being an entrepreneur, Arthur Becker has tried his hand in different businesses. However, not all of them have succeeded, but Arthur Becker has used his mistakes as a lesson in life. For the many companies that he has worked with, Arthur Becker has found that internal cohesion between both workers and top management is highly crucial. It is only a company which works as one cohesive unit that ends up succeeding.

In addition, Arthur Becker has a vested interest in cancer treatment. Other professions that interest him include information technology and real estate. He has in the past been able to work for companies like NaviSite in the capacity of CEO and senior advisor for Vera Wang Fashion Company. See,

Presently, Arthur Becker is both chairman and chief executive officer of Zinio LLC. He is also the managing member of Atlantic Investors LLC and the managing director of Madison Technology Group LLC.