Shervin Pishevar- Investor Turned Predictor Of Future

Shervin Pishevar has always been a man with a lot to say. He is not afraid to tell people what is on his mind. This was proven true when he went on a Tweet storm months ago and was giving all sorts of predictions about the future of the economy, Bitcoin and more


Once stepping down from his position in the company, we thought he was going to stay out of the limelight for a while. However, it didn’t take long before he went on his rampage using the Twitter platform. It is believed that the reason he came out of hiding was because of the plummet that the United States’ stock market saw of over 6,000 points. Shervin Pishevar started sending off messages saying that he feels it is possible for the stock market to see another steep drop of thousands of points in the coming months as well.


The stock market wasn’t the only thing that Shervin Pishevar was rambling on about using Twitter. He also made many other predictions about bonds. He thinks that government bonds don’t hold the strength that they used to and they wouldn’t be enough to help correct the problems in the current stock market conditions.


Shervin Pishevar also made some vague statements concerning Silicon Valley. He believes it is not exactly what it used to be. He thinks there has been a huge loss of exclusivity there. He said he doesn’t exactly think it’s the worst thing. However, he thinks its a bad sign for the economic growth in the near future.


Aside from his financial predictions concerning the stock market and more, he also had some things to say about SpaceX and the Vigin Hyperloop. He thinks these are going to rise up while the infrastructure of the economy in the United States continues to decay and fall apart. This flattery of the companies should only be taken lightly, though.

The Illustrious Career of Clay Siegall.

Clay Siegall is not your ordinary everyday doctor; he is a practitioner in a class of his own. With a broad educational background, Clay is recognized by many as a philanthropist, author, scientist, mentor, and most importantly as a doctor. He is an active member of the cancer research community and has contributed his time and knowledge towards finding solutions to the killer disease.

Dr. Siegall is the proprietor of Seattle Genetics, one of the most recognized and respected oncology biotech firms in the world. The corporation is renowned for the creation of antibody-based therapies for the treatment of cancer. He serves as the president as well as chief executive responsible for over 1,000 employees.

Clay Siegall earns his respect due to his ability to tackle cancer progressively. He entirely dedicates his time and resources towards the course, and nothing gives him more pride than when he can make a discovery every day. Clay has been a member of the cancer research community for more than three decades and has worked in various companies. Over these years, Clay has worked in multiple institutes including National Institutes of Health, and the Bristol Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute, organizations that are committed to the fight against cancer.

Clay Siegall has over the years displayed exceptional leadership skills that have positively shaped his career. His passion and commitment to fighting cancer started when he was pursuing his university degree. At that time, his father was undergoing cancer treatment, and Clay saw how the processes and therapies were affecting him. The experience was traumatizing, but it shaped Clay’s destiny for the better. He made a vow to specialize in Oncology and after graduation, make a difference in the world.

With its base in Seattle, Washington, Seattle Genetics is among the top producers of antibody-based therapies. Its premier drug was referred to as ADCETRIS, and today it is used all over the globe. Thanks to its continued research and developments, the corporation has more than 20 other quality drugs in its portfolio. Clay Siegall continues to steer the firm towards developing more medicines and therapies to deal with cancer.

NGP VAN- Running technology-based campaigns for the Democrats

Technology in the world is taking over in almost every aspect of life. Politics have not been left back. Today’s technology has shifted from a “labor-intensive” to a “technology-intensive” approach. With almost everyone owning a smartphone device, technology is becoming the most versatile way of reaching out to the electorate.

Big data and social media are becoming increasingly important in collection and dissemination of information. Information is probably the most important thing in politics. Every political party and politician is trying to win an election. With elections becoming high-stake, everyone is going out of the norm to get a win. The Democrats, seem to understand this very well and started using alternative ways of reaching out to the voters in the election of 2008.

NGP VAN is an organization that has been working closely with the Democrats in winning the 2008 and 2012 general elections won by Barack Obama. The firm played a significant role in helping the party reach out to the grassroots voters. Technology enables political parties to know where their voter base is and then allow them to intensify campaigns so that the voters can come out on the voting day to cast their votes.



NGP VAN is registered as a database and web-hosting company. It is located in Washington-DC. It works with organizations which would like to hire its services for the purpose of applying technology in political campaigns. The company is utilizing proliferation of web-based and smart-based applications to reach out to the voters.


Contemporary politics are using technology because it is the most effective way of reaching the voters. People now rely on technology for almost every information out there. By utilizing, technology, one will be targeting individual voters. The technology-based politics successfully worked when NGP VAN successfully ran the campaigns of Obama for two consecutive elections.


NGP VAN ensures that they run on the latest technologies. With technology evolving rapidly, it is important to work with a company that is on the frontline, working on new methods of reaching out to the voters via technology. NGP VAN is that company that could secure a win for your political party easily.

Digital Wallets and PSI Pay Alternative Banking Solutions

A digital wallet is not too different from the traditional one. Both are a convenient safekeeping place for cash, debit and credit cars, as well as loyalty cards, coupons, and so on. At the same time, a digital wallet has a number of advantages in being more secure while allowing the owner of the account to have everything with them at all times and all they need is a single mobile device to keep every single card in place and readily available.

Digitals wallets are not the same everywhere in the world. They vary depending on the location and the consumer practices. The European Digital Wallet, for instance, is designed to navigate through several currencies and held each securely. Currencies such as the pound and euro are commonly used, and people often want to withdraw from both on a regular basis from ATMs. Generally, the consumer links debit cards in different currencies ut pay from an account balance. The wallet providers handle chargebacks and payment disputes.

A growing number of consumers have been utilizing their digital wallet to work with cryptocurrencies as well. The most common use in that area is transferring the cryptocurrencies into money that they can use in services and pay for products. It is also possible to charge a credit card to make a deposit. That is another advantage of the digital wallet.

While a digital wallet provides the consumer with a large number of benefits, it does not entirely substitute the conventional bank account in terms of provided benefits for good. Still, a European-style digital wallet could replace it, and many businesses and people in business have closed down their traditional bank accounts and replace them with a digital wallet. They rely on their digital alternative to convey transactions in the industry and pay for services and goods.

The PSI Pay is one of the businesses that focus on digital wallet services. The corporation is present in more than 160 countries around the globe. PSI Pay has the goal of making the use of a digital wallet as convenient and secure as possible. The business manages payment transactions and helps startups and small companies grow through their money management services and digital wallet services.


The corporation has more than 40 offices and allows its clients to withdraw funds in real time. PSI Pay offers a number of other solutions for alternative banking as well.

Talk Fusion New app

Since it was founded in 2007, Talk Fusions has become a popular communication and advertising tool used by most businesses across the world. Talk Fusion is basically in the video communications business. The company has been launching new products every year that are designed to help businesses connect with their clients easily. Talk Fusion makes products for broadcasting, video conferencing and social media networking. The Founder and CEO of Talk Fusion Bob Reina said that the mission of his company is to change the way people communicate around the world whether in business or in personal lives.


Features of the new app


The CEO of the company recently announced the launch of a new product known as Fusion on the Go. It is a new product that is intended to improve user experience as well as make it easy and simple for businesses to communicate with their customers. The app comes with new and unique features that allow users to easily send personalized video messages to their targeted audiences from their devices. The app can be downloaded from Google Play Stores or from iTunes. However, Android users will require the 4.4.3 version or download a new system.


The value of Video email


Before the advent of video emails, most companies entirely relied on regular promotional emails to reach their customers. However, with the creation of video emails, businesses are able to incorporate video email to personalize their messages for customers and all their targeted audiences. These kinds of messages are more attention-grabbing compared to the normal promotional emails.


How the app works


Talk Fusion on the Go operates in a very simple way. Users can use their devices to send video messages from wherever they are. All you need to do is to do is to record a live video or use an earlier recorded one. After getting your video ready, you can then choose any template you like from the app and perform some editing before sending it to your preferred audience.


Upgrades and features on the app


Just like the other apps, Fusion on the Go has got several modifications. There is picture messaging feature which was previously not available. Besides, users are now able to set up chat rooms as per the country. You can also invite several people to join the chat are see who is online at that particular time. In a nutshell, the new app presents a great opportunity to businesses across the globe. Learn more:

Chris Linkas: Teaching Millennials the Genius of Compounding

People like easy, quick things. We have so much to get done each day that we now equate speed with efficacy. In investing, that correlation does not exist. Chris Linkas is on a mission to teach millennials that saving for retirement is better when started earlier, allowing for much lower monthly savings deposits.


Chris Linkas recommends saving in accounts that pay dividends like a 401k. Reinvesting dividends can greatly increase your wealth because you can take advantage of compounding, basically earning interest on the interest you already earned (and reinvested). As time goes on, your account will start yielding almost outrageous dividends and you will be able to afford nice and reliable things.


Chris Linkas has twenty-five years of experience in the financial sector and currently works for a well respected U.K. based investment firm. In a reflection of his personal habits, he urges each of his clients and investors to continually be willing to learn and adequately do their research so they can build a strong portfolio and take rewarding risks.


To those who delayed starting a dividend yielding account, taking risks can be intimidating and can stall their progress toward retirements. Chris Linkas knows that starting to save for retirement early and using an investment portfolio like a 401k can really a young person’s confidence and get them ahead in life.


This confidence and better financial position will allow them to take bigger risks (although still within the realm the investor is suited for) and see bigger returns. The key to this easy road to retirement is starting to save early, choosing a dividend yielding account like 401k, reinvesting the dividends to take advantage of compounding, and being consistent. Chris Linkas is motivating young people to take this easy first step to improving their lives and ensuring a comfortable retirement.

Bruno Fagali’s Excellent Blog

     As an attorney well versed administrative law and compliance law, there is no doubt that Brazilian official Bruno Fagali has a lot to say. A random sampling of it will include such titles as, “Transparency International and Corruption Perceptions Index”, “Ford CEO Dismissed After Company Compliance Investigation”, “The Cigarette In The Dock”, and the reputation of the “Phonograph Alert” throughout the Brazilian area and the rest of the world.

Besides these articles, Bruno Fagali’s blog has a number of main topics for the reader to consider. These would include such concepts as common red flags to look out for; the ethics companies should have when advertising; and proper labeling. In all of these situations, the consequences for a violation can actually be pretty severe, even if they are unattended.

In fact, one of the the things that Bruno Fagali is adroitly aware of would be the consequences these companies can go through even when they make an error that doesn’t cost anyone’s life. Simply put, Bruno Fagali is part of a governing body that will always go the extra mile to keep these companies honest. Many of the officials with these companies realize that in order to continue to compete, they must play by the rules.

One of the most glaring examples of this would be in the realm of proper labeling. Much like the American tobacco lawsuits in the mid-90s, Bruno Fagali and his team are dedicated to making many other Brazilian companies put the same type of labels on their products. People have a right to know what they are ingesting in their bodies.

Bruno Fagali has dedicated his legal career to this and other issues. he has become well-known in Brazil for keeping all South American companies honest. To say the man is very well-respected in legal circles would be an understatement.