Victoria Doramus On Her Story Of Recovery

Victoria Doramus is a recovery expert that uses her own life experiences to help people from all walks of life get the help they need. This is her story about her addiction to drugs and alcohol and how Victoria overcame it to live a healthier and better life. Like an story there are ups and downs and Ms. Doramus’s journey is no different.

At the time in 2011 Victoria was addicted to cocaine and Adderall and her life was spiraling out of control. She went to Sierra Tucson a rehab facility in Tucson, Arizona to recover and get better. Even though she attended rehab she did not fully get the whole scope of the disease until she hit rock bottom. This would happen when Doramus was completely separated from her family and had no one around. Towards the end of the year Victoria was arrested and felt like she had nothing left to lose in her life. It was time to change. She flew to a rehab center for chronic relapsers called Burning Tree in Austin, Texas. It was a touch love place that put her to work in many ways.

It was just what Victoria Doramus needed and she stuck with it. After she left the program Mr. Doramus had no money and nowhere to live, so she got a job as a waitress. She saved up enough money to see her ailing mom, who in her not sober state, was battling cancer. Victoria visited her mom and then moved to New York City where she started her life over. Because of her struggles Doramus is passionate about helping others get the help they need. She is involved in a few non-profits and wants to open her own halfway house. Since recovering Victoria has written a autobiographical book about her addiction called “Adderall: A Love Story” so she can help others succeed in their recovery.

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