Why Equities First Holdings Australia Has Options to Use Funding

Equities First Holdings Australia (EFH AU) has gained trust of people with their professionalism and integrity. They opened their doors in 2014 and offered clients equity-loans and financial advice. Trust of the EFH AU’s products created growth. EFH AU has been responsible for providing its’ customers good loan terms. An equity-loans allows you to use stocks at collateral. EFH AU ensures a good analysis of stocks’ future valuation is done for the value of stock is accurate for a loan.

EFH AU has been responsible for helping businesses with equity-loans, and individuals will be will be able to use loans. EFH AU has three offices that will be able to help its customers. Most businesses come to EFH AU to receive funding for certain business projects or expansion. For example, Environmental Clean Technologies Limited (ECT) used EFH AU to gain funding for a project that would be conducted in India. ECT’s project had nearly $30 million in funding, and EFH AU was happy to help them with funding.

Businesses can use the principal of the equity-loan for anything. ECT could have used the principal for anything, if they decided not to use the funding for the project. EFH AU is a leader in the lending industry thanks to the use of an equity-loan.

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