Where Equities First Holdings Sees Itself In The Future

A company that’s seemingly always in their prime, Equities First Holdings is a financial enterprise of abundant achievements. From expanding their company by 50 percent in one year to instituting offices overseas, Equities First Holdings has time and again proven the extent to which they can thrive. Headquartered in Indiana, Equities First Holdings has transcended its American roots and established numerous operations in Bangkok, Asia, Singapore, Australia, and London. Though these accomplishments are commendable, Al Christy, EFH’s CEO, has far bigger plans for the company.

In fact, he hopes that their global workforce will reach a 60 percent increase by next year. What’s more, he wants to expand further into European markets as an attempt to create global reputation. Fortunately, Equities First Holdings has already accomplished tremendous success under the sage counsel of Christy. EFH will no doubt continue to thrive, ensuring that the company will receive enduring success.

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Sujit Choudhry Takes Constitutional Expertise Across the Globe

Sujit Choudhry is an internationally known educator, expert and authority on comparative constitutional law and politics. Sujit Choudhry is currently a Guest Researcher at the WZB Berlin Social Science Center. Choudhry was born in New Delhi in 1970 then later moved to Canada and attended the University of Toronto Schools, watch (Youtube.com). He graduated with his Bachelor of Science from McGill University and graduated with law degrees from the University of Oxford, the University of Toronto and Harvard Law School. In his early career, he started as a law clerk at the Supreme Court of Canada. Sujit Choudhry spent several years of his career in Academia as a professor and researcher and was also a consultant to the World Bank Institute. In 2014, he was appointed Dean at the University of California, Berkeley’s School of Law. He was the first person of Indian origin to be named dean at a top United States law school. Choudhry is also currently the director for the Center for Constitutional Transitions. The purpose of this organization is to “generate and mobilize knowledge in support of constitution building.” The Center for Constitutional Transitions has worked in over 25 countries, check (Law.nyu.edu).

Sujit Choudhry has international experience in countries such as Sri Lanka, Ukraine, Egypt, Libya, Nepal, Jordan, Tunisia and South Africa. He has gone to these countries to facilitate public dialogue sessions, executive advisory work, guide stakeholder consultations, train civil servants, develop technical reports and meet party leaders. One of his most notable involvements was in Nepal in 2007 and 2010, useful source on facebook.com. Sujit Choudhry was involved in redesigning their judicial system in order to make it more stable due to riots and protests. He has continued to be involved in this reform as riots and uprisings continue in North Africa and the Middle East, called the “Arab Spring.” But most recently Sujit Choudhry has been working in Ukraine to review constitutional reforms. The purpose of this is to improve Ukraine’s government system. Choudhry has drafted a report for the reform which is currently being reviewed by the Constitutional Commission of Ukraine, visit http://sujitchoudhry.com/.


Why Dr. Jennifer Walden Is A Celebrated Beauty Surgeon In The US

Women have shown the world that they can make it a better place in various aspects. They are today driving the global economy in a great way, and they have succeeded in some of the best careers. When looking for a woman of multidimensional facets, you would think about Dr. Jennifer Walden. She is a famous plastic surgeon in the United States, especially in Austin. Besides being an educational author, Jennifer is also a media commentator. She is among the highly skilled and reputable beauty surgeons you can find in the United States.

Her portfolio shows intensive expertise in plastic surgery. Even the other plastic surgeons in the country confirm her immense passion for surgical procedures when it comes to enhancing beauty. As a renowned plastic surgeon, she has featured in various channels such as VH1, E!, ABC News, and Fox News. The plastic surgeon’s communities have highly acclaimed “Aesthetic Plastic Surgery” as one of the best Dr. Jennifer Walden’s textbook. She has written many research papers and articles on aesthetic plastic surgery.

Jennifer was born in 1971 in Austin. She is a former student of Anderson High School. She then went to Texas University where she studied biology and graduated with an undergraduate degree. She later went to Texas Medical Branch University for his MD and graduated with distinction. Jennifer is a woman who will always go for what she decided to achieve in life. She went to the medical school for her residency and then got her fellowship at Manhattan Hospital that specializes with ear, eye, and throat issues.

Jennifer says every plastic surgeon who wishes to be reputable must develop their competencies. She has become a surgeon who has succeeded in reintroducing silicone breast implants. The numerous clinical trials she has been involved in have helped her to be a celebrated plastic surgeon today. The talented plastic surgeon returned to Austin after serving at Manhattan Hospital for about seven years. She then came up with a satellite office and private practice in 2011. ThermiVa and Vectra are among the advanced technologies Dr. Jennifer Walden uses to offer plastic surgery and aesthetic services. In 2015, the American Way recognized Jennifer as the best surgeon of the year.

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The Legitimacy of Freedom Checks

The Internet is filled with offers that may seem enticing, but they end up not being the same as they originally advertised. There is a large section of the Internet dedicated to get-rich-quick schemes, which makes people begin to question whether any website or offer they encounter is legitimate. Unfortunately, this also means that there are many Americans who will pass up on the opportunity that the next round of freedom checks has to offer.

Matt Badiali, the geologist who discovered these unique investments, released a video in which he revealed an investment that is based on America’s energy independence goal that the nation expects to reach in the coming years. With the reinvestment in American energy, the dependence on foreign oil from the Middle East will decrease, which will boost the profits of American oil and gas production. This will allow the companies to pay out close to $34.6 billion to savvy investors in the form of freedom checks over the next year. Matt estimates that an investment of $1,000 could turn into $398,000, which may signal some people to believe that there is no way freedom checks can be legitimate. They simply discredit it as a scam without thinking much of it.

However, they are actually not a scam as some may think or presume. Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs) issue the freedom checks. In order for a company to qualify as an MLP, it must pay out a minimum of 90 percent of their income to its investors, which Matt refers to as freedom checks. There are currently 568 companies that give out these quarterly or monthly payments, and the MLP distributions are quite similar to common stock dividends. Additionally, buying MLP shares is as simple as buying Google or Apple shares. Pay outs are distributed either into one’s brokerage account or sent to their mailing address.

Matt Badiali’s Life


Matt Badiali attended Penn State University. He majored in a bachelor of science in Science. Soon after completing his degree, he had the vision of going further to pursue his master’s degree in science but with a major in geology at Florida Atlantic University. His ambition and determination saw him enroll for a Ph. D. at the University of North Carolina. However, during this period, a change occurred in his life that completely altered the course of his life for good.


In 2004 while pursuing his Ph. D., he met a friend who saw the potential in Matt Badiali that he introduced him to finance. Matt Badiali’s friend had a Ph. D. in industry while Mr. Badiali had a Ph.D. in geology. Together with a combination with finance, they would make an unbeaten duo, and they decided to form a consultancy firm to give small investors the best advice on where, how and why to invest in the natural resources.

Matt Badiali’s followers always go to the banks with smiles all over their faces. Most of them have made three to four digits regarding the returns. His firm has managed to grow, and he has a newsletter known as Real Wealth Strategist published by Banyan Hill publishing company. From his recent post on twitter, he emphasized investing in silver. He talks about people making up to 35% the last time there was a drop in silver price. Being an advisor in the natural resource sector, one needs to understand both the science and the finance behind it. Two qualities possessed by Matt Badiali. To know more about him click here.

Additionally, he is insisting on the shift from the use of fossil fuel to the use of electricity. The only thing holding back the shift is battery technology. The only thing that people are waiting is a battery that can power an entire city for days, then off the change will occur immediately. His parting shot was telling people to invest in the right technology before being faced out because of sticking to the old ways of doing things because of the comfort zone.

Fortress Investment Group: From An Idea To The Alternative Investment Firm

Fortress investment group was founded in 1998 by three investment experts Randal Nardone, Wes Edens, and Rob Kaufman. The primary aim of starting the company was to create a new type of investment firm specializing in private equity and modern investment vehicles. The leaders were able to manage managed to grow the assets from 400 million dollars to 3.9 billion dollars within the first five years. By the time the company went public in 2007, the assets under management had hit the $40 billion mark.

Expanding operations and going public

Under the leadership of Wes and Randal, the company grew its returns and created a lot of attention from other investors. In 2002 Peter Briger joined the company as a principal and Michael Novogratz as a fund manager. Before joining Fortress, Peter Briger worked at Goldman Sachs for 15 years. To increase its profitability, the company made a series of acquisitions including the Intrawest, Florida East Industries, and the Penn National Gaming. This saw the company go public list with the New York Stock Exchange in 2007 making it the first private equity firm to trade shares publicly.

After the IPO the company’s profile rose significantly and expanded its presence in the United States. The business extended its services internationally focusing on Italian NPL and Asian oriented funds. In 2010 fortress investment group purchased spring leaf Financial Services and managed to increase its value to 27 times its initial worth. Other notable acquisitions include Graticule Asset Management, Mount Kellett, and Logan Circle Partners.

Awards and recognitions

Fortress investment group has received several recognitions for its success. For instance, the investment firm was in 2012 recognized as the Discretionary Macro-focused hedge fund manager of the year. It had also scooped the credit-focused investment firm of the year in 2010 and 2011 consecutively. In 2014 it was named the hedge fund of the year and also the management firm of the year.

Softbank acquisition

In 2017, the Fortress Investment Group made headlines when Softbank made its intentions of buying the company public. This would result in the company delisting from the stock exchange market and revert to its privatized state. Softbank is a Japanese multinational investment company that specializes in finding technological startups all over the world. It will nonetheless continue to operate as an independent branch of the Tokyo based banker while maintaining its top leadership, the New York headquarters, and its client base.

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Talos Energy Looking To Expand

After the destruction of Hurricane Harvey the town of Kingwood, Texas was all but impassable. The electric was not working, and the floodwaters were six feet high. Tim Duncan and his family including the two dogs were put into a rescue boat and taken out of the flood.

Duncan just happened to be the Chief Executive Officer of the Talos Energy company. He was having trouble understanding the deal that he made and how the outage was going to affect his company. Talos Energy is looking to merge with Stone Energy Company and this was a risky move.

Duncan is looking to get the deal done and will not let the floodwaters stop him or slow him down. He needed to call in a couple of favors and was able to get a plane out of Texas. Duncan and his family went to stay with his parents for a couple of weeks and he would do business from their dining room table.

When the merger is going to be complete, Talos Energy will take over the listings that Stone Energy has. Duncan will oversee a company that conducts over $900 million in business annually. All the assets that the Talos company has will be invested in this merger in the Gulf of Mexico. While the company has shown to be able to turn a profit there are still risks involved. The cost of offshore drilling can run in the hundreds of millions and an oil spill put the company out of business, not to mention countless lawsuits this would cause.

Duncan is not going to let that stop him. New technology such as hydraulic fracturing will be used to reduce the drilling risk. The company is able to produce 48 million barrels of oil a day and are looking to surpass that amount in the near future.

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Dick DeVos And Betsy DeVos Are Well-Known Change Makers

Most people know who Dick and Betsy DeVos are. They easily bring about lots of attention and criticism for their political contributions to the Republican party and other charitable organizations. Their charitable donations far outweigh the money they contribute to their preferred party, however.


2015 Contributions By Dick And Betsy


For 2015 alone, the couple gave over $12 million to charities. This was more than double the amount they gave in political donations the same year. The pair are both from family dynasties. Dick’s dad is the founder of Amway and he ended up working up the ladder to CEO very quickly.


DeVos-Backed Charter School In Michigan


Both Dick and Betsy have a love of educational reform. Betsy is the current Secretary of Education under President Trump. Together, the couple opened up a charter school in Michigan at the Grand Rapids airport. The West Michigan Charter Aviation Academy is a unique public charter school for high school students.


The aviation charter high school was started in 2010 by Dick DeVos. He has always been passionate about aviation and received a lot of support from his wife when opening it. The school is a nonprofit school that started with just 80 students. Today, it has more than 650 students enrolled from different cities around Grand Rapids. Each spring, a public lottery is held when the amount of applications exceeds the amount of student openings for the upcoming school year.


Betsy has a philosophy for education that seems to fit perfectly with her husband’s aviation charter school. Her stance on educational reform aligns close to this school and her philosophy is going to be her top priority in Washington.


Dick Gets Appointed To FAAs Top Board


Dick already had a reason to fly to Washington because of Betsy. Now, he has another reason to make the trip. Mr. DeVos was recently appointed to the top board of the Federal Aviation Administration. This is a dream come true for the long-time aviation lover. He is one of seven members recently appointed to the council. They will meet quarterly over a three-year term and help to advise the senior management on things such as spending, policy planning and regulatory matters.


According to the CEO of the FAA council, Dick DeVos is going to be a great addition to the team. He has a passion and deep roots in aviation and will bring industry insight and strong leadership skills to the FAA. DeVos played an important role in the Gerald Ford Airport becoming the success it is today. Behind the scenes, DeVos worked with other business leaders to convince Southwest to offer some routes out of the local Grand Rapids airport. When they were successful, the fares at the airport when down and led to a huge spike in passengers.


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Evolution of Smooth Lip Balm & Its Rise To The Top

Evolution of Smooth has taken over the game, especially when it comes to lip balms. This particular company has revolutionized the oral care industry in more ways than one. Though EOS is sitting mighty high now days, it struggled to find its place in an oversaturated market. Burt’s Bees, Chapstick and Blistex are some of the most tried and true lip balms in history. Unfortunately, these brands haven’t produced anything that’s innovative over the past few years. EOS has consistently introduced new flavors amongst its already stacked list of flavors.

Did you know that over 80 percent of women purchase lip balms? Yes, this is absolutely true, and EOS does a phenomenal job of marketing the products to women. This is the 21st century, and technology is running the game. The developers of EOS, Jonathan Teller and Sanjiv Mehra, has used modern-day marketing techniques to capture the attention of the public. These two individuals have used top-of-the-line ingredients that aren’t full of chemicals. This is a bonus because the majority of lip balms today are loaded with chemical preservatives. EOS believes in rehydrating the lips to maintain good oral health. The designing stage of the packaging was also a well-thought-out. The developers new that they couldn’t select the same type of packaging as the other brands so they created EOS’s packaging from scratch. This has turned out to be a great business move because the products certainly stand out.

As fast as the investors jumped aboard this ship, distributers have done the same thing. To efficiently distribute the lip balms across the globe, Teller and Mehra started to use distributers who resided in up to 100 countries. This dynamic duo has been investing their earnings right back into the brand itself to further solidify its structure.

Paul Mampilly Says Invest In The Future Today

Paul Mampilly has kids who are smart about finance because he taught them how to invest in stocks and other financial assets at a young age. They are also up to speed on the trends in technology that will shape the future. That’s why he often tries out his investment pitches with his kids before he tries them on other adults. Whether its 3D printing, robot workers, or self driving vehicles, they love to hear about the wonders that are just around the corner.

What we often get wrong is the likelihood that a new technology that’s generating buzz will achieve wide adoption in the future. Technologies often fail because they don’t have the right cost-benefit ratio or aren’t a better option than what’s available. When evaluating new trends to invest in, it’s important to pick the ones that have entered a period of wider adoption, and Paul Mampilly thinks he knows a good bet that’s available right now.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a trend that’s poised to begin revolutionizing daily life as it reaches a critical mass of industry adopters, according to an article Paul Mampilly recently wrote on his blog. It’s a proven concept that has already begun to change our lives. From smart home gadgets to factory automation, it’s turning out that connecting appliances, sensors, and machines to the internet makes good business sense. The data that these devices collect every second is unleashing the power of big data, and the devices themselves are improving safety and efficiency.

An example is a new airplane engine made by Pratt & Whitney, which is equipped with as many as 5,000 sensors. The data generated by all of these sensors and collected over the internet improves safety and increases our understanding of airplane engines. The bottom line, as Paul Mampilly is right to point out, is a win for both passengers and the airline industry.

IoT is one trend that’s poised for massive growth in the next few years to come. That means companies that are developing these products today are likely to be ones that receive the windfalls when it happens.

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