Where Equities First Holdings Sees Itself In The Future

A company that’s seemingly always in their prime, Equities First Holdings is a financial enterprise of abundant achievements. From expanding their company by 50 percent in one year to instituting offices overseas, Equities First Holdings has time and again proven the extent to which they can thrive. Headquartered in Indiana, Equities First Holdings has transcended its American roots and established numerous operations in Bangkok, Asia, Singapore, Australia, and London. Though these accomplishments are commendable, Al Christy, EFH’s CEO, has far bigger plans for the company.

In fact, he hopes that their global workforce will reach a 60 percent increase by next year. What’s more, he wants to expand further into European markets as an attempt to create global reputation. Fortunately, Equities First Holdings has already accomplished tremendous success under the sage counsel of Christy. EFH will no doubt continue to thrive, ensuring that the company will receive enduring success.

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