Gareth Henry Lists Brazil As A Trading Opportunity

Gareth Henry is the executive of Fortress Investment Group and depicted Brazil as an excellent trading opportunity, among other places. According to the article by CNBC, it confirms that Brazil was surely the best spot to invest in the year 2014. Fortress at the time was one of the largest hedge fund firms as it has amassed $63 billion dollars.

According to the article he made the comments at an event in San Francisco. The reason that Brazil is a great investment is the market and the interest rates and with the elections going on at the time it boosted its value. They have also made good trades as Fortress executive Mike Novogratz was on the same page with Gareth Henry on the matter, as Novogratz listed that the president of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, was surely going to lose the election, which will cause a rally around the country. Gareth Henry also cited Japan and Scotland as good countries to invest in behind Brazil. He sees Japan having a great economy and having some of the best trades in 2014.

Henry believes the country put in good stimulus programs as well with their Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Scotland, on the other hand, has undergone some failures, which Gareth Henry sees as a plus when it comes to trading. The failed independence vote event changed from being not a big deal to being to creating a lot of uncertainty according to Gareth Henry. The executive is always sure to stay on top of all the new around the world and lists over the next year to be on top of it all when it comes to political change international relations. The risk that Fortress has taken have not paid off yet, but surely could in the future and in the grand scheme of things.

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