Papa John’s New CEO, Steve Ritchie

Steve Ritchie, Papa John’s New CEO has thought of ways to be more in touch with his employees and customers. One way of doing it, is traveling the country exploring new ways Papa John’s can improve. So, Steve Ritchie has visited lots of states and franchises within the U.S to see how the stores are doing and speaking face to face with the members and the costumers. Steve Believes that in order to figure out what is going on with the company, he needs to talk face to face with employees. Steve also wants to find new ways to improve Papa John’s. Ritchie states, “without them, Papa John’s doesn’t exist”. Steve also talked to costumers and people that came in to the store. He listened to what they had to say and although it was difficult, he agreed for the most part. Steve stated that “Although it was difficult, it was good to hear from their point of view”.

Steve Ritchie, believes that moving forward Papa john’s would strive better and stronger as a company. Steve also believes that he can make Papa John’s into more of a community rather than just a business. According to Wikipedia, he recognizes that Papa John’s should be bigger than one person. He believes that it always has been more than a business, and that no matter where you work in papa johns you ultimately are the face of the company.

Steve Ritchie Papa John’s signs off by saying that they will continue to listen and within listening they will continue to grow and be better as a company. Steve also understands that feedback is important and to understand it rather than disregard it. Even when the feedback is not good, Steve states to learn from it, and improve the mistakes you’ve made. He believes that with all this information, Steve Ritchie can build a better company for the costumers and team members. Go to for more info about Papa John’s employees’ salary.

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