GoBuyside: One Of The Leading Recruitment Firms For The Finance Industry

GoBuyside is an executive search firm for the finance industry. They help company’s find new talent with their recruiting services. Traditional talent recruiting techniques are becoming obsolete in today’s digital world. For example, recruiters advertise open positions in the local paper and then waits for applicants to apply by mail. This process was slow and sometimes ineffective. The rise of the internet changed the hiring landscape. The process to find the right candidate became more efficient with the development of tracking systems and job boards. Recruiters now utilize data screen for the perfect candidate for their position.


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With their main headquarters in New York City, GoBuyside has been using technology to create innovative ways to search for top new talent. The firm closely monitors job trends within the industry and is leading the way towards a tech-centric approach to recruit new hires.

Hedge funds, private equity firms, investment managers, Fortune 500 companies and advisory firms are the types clients that GoBuyside recruits for. The unique approach to hiring by GoBuyside gives applicants more opportunities to network with firms all over the world.

Arjun Kapur is the founder of GoBuyside. Before he founded the firm, Arjun had a long history of talent experience. Arjun graduated Phi Beta Kappa from John Hopkins University and majored in Economics. He then received a Masters in Business Administration from Stanford’s Graduate School of Business.

In a recent interview Arjun was asked a few questions about his daily life as the founder of GoBuyside:

Q: What is one of your habits that makes you a expert successful entrepreneur?
Arjun: I avoid social media, I am currently not an active user on any platform

Q: If you were to start again what would you do differently?
Arjun: I graduated college in three years then I immediately went into the work force. If I were to start again I would have used my senior year to travel the world.

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