Victoria Doramus Talks About Exciting New Trends

Victoria Doramus is a professional in the digital and print media sector, having an extensive background n branding, media advertising, and communication. She graduated from the University of Colorado – Boulder, earning a BA degree in journalism and mass communication. Her professional resume includes work with Stila Cosmetics, Mindshare, Trendera, and Creative Arts Agency, focusing on branding and advertising. At one point she worked in the film and television industry as the assistant to producer and film director, Peter Berg. Besides her professional career, Victoria Doramus is also committed to her charity work. She works with charities such as Room to Read, Amy Winehouse Foundation, Women’s Prison Association, as well as Best Friends Animal Society.

In a recent interview, marketing analyst Victoria Doramus talked about her career as an entrepreneur, pointing out the fact that carrying a hand-written To-Do list makes her more productive. Despite the fact that she considers herself obsessed with technology, she finds that writing out her tasks is an effective tactic for getting it done. She expressed excitement over the “bring your own data” trend that is currently happening in the healthcare sector. She tracks her heart rate, steps, calories, blood pressure, sleepy cycle, and mediation minutes with the Health app on her Apple Watch. She also tracks everything she eats with the My Fitness Pal app, stating that she finds it helpful to do everything she can in order to stay healthy. Wearable tech is not a new technology, but abundance of personal data that they can collect daily is a growing feature, and she finds it helpful in making healthy decisions every day.

Besides her fascination with wearable, she also notes that she uses her iPhone X in order to get things done. After using a laptop in the past, nowadays she is more focused on productivity through apps – noting that Cavier or Postmates are some of her favorites. In addition, the Pink Cloud app helps her find AA meetings based on her location. Victoria Doramus acknowledges her failures, but considers that she was able to move forward only when she started taking responsibility for her part.

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