About OSI Food Solutions

OSI Food Solutions is a food supplying company which is known for the supply of value-added protein items, such as sausages together with beef bites. The company is also known to supply pizza and sandwiches to the leading food service providers and food retail brands.

OSI Food Solutions as a worldwide company

OSI Food Solutions is known to operate in several parts in the world. The headquarters of the company are in Aurora. The great work done by the company has enabled it to spread to most parts of the world. The company operates more than fifty facilities that are found in more than 17 countries. Its operations are done in the USA, UK and a good number of European countries. At the moment, the company has employed its global efficiency persons, to help in strategizing how the company will expand its services in China.

OSI Food Solutions careers and employment

This being a global company, it, therefore, must have several people to work in different units in the company. Due to that need, the company provides plenty of jobs to the young people who have different qualifications. Some of the posts found in the company include; Quality Assurance Supervisor, Traffic Assistant Supervisor, General Utility worker, Machine Operator, Maintenance Internship, Quality Assurance Technician, Safety Assistant among other jobs present.

Why join OSI Food Solutions

One should be very glad to join this company due to the ability of the company to make one’s experience grow. This company is known worldwide for its excellent services that it offers to customers. Therefore if someone decides to work with the company, they will have an opportunity to be taught how to be of excellent service to others.

Salaries of the company

In matters of salary, the company pays very well. It is on the watch out to see that its employees are paid in time and the right amount of money. The paying scale is perfect, and the cleaner employee is paid $14.30 per hour.


This company is the best place to work and also order foods stuff. They ensure full attention to the customer whenever he is requesting anything.

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