Robert Ivy Continued Oversight Of AIA

The real estate industry is a very important industry as it is responsible for building properties for people to live and work in. In order for the real estate industry to be successful, it needs to be able to provide quality buildings that are well built. In order for the buildings to be in good condition and be durable for decades to come, the plans will need to be created by an architect. An architect is not only responsible for the cosmetic design, but also is responsible to ensure the final design is sturdy and is safe.
For those that are going into the field, joining the American Institute of Architects would be a great option. The American Institute of Architects is one of the leading professional organizations in the world today. The organization currently has a membership that is in excess of 90,000 people and is one of the most powerful professional organizations in the world.
Those who are members of the American Institute of Architects will receive a wide range of benefits. One of the main benefits of the organization is that it can provide you with a great way to build a professional network. The American Institute of Architects hosts a number of major conferences on an annual basis that are attended by thousands of professionals. This can help anyone to meet new people in the industry and continue to develop their professional network.
Members can also attend a number of educational sessions that will discuss the updates and changes to the industry. The American Institute of Architects can also help any member to take advantage of licensing and training programs that can help someone stay compliant with the regulations necessary to continue to practice as an architect.
While the American Institute of Architects has been around for a long time, the organization has continued to excel under the leadership of its current CEO, Robert Ivy. Robert Ivy is a very accomplished professional that has been in the industry for more than 30 years. He originally completed his education from Tulane University and has been in the industry ever since.
While Robert Ivy has had some experience working as an architect, he also has spent a lot of time working in the education and publishing side of the business. Ever since finishing his education, he has been dedicated to writing a number of different books on the subject matter and is frequently added as a temporary contributor to some of the top industry magazines. Ivy is also frequently requested to guest speak at some of the top schools in the country to give his take on the current status of the industry and where it is heading.