DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani Continues to Dominate Dubai Real Estate

DAMAC properties are doing great things in Dubai, and is currently constructing a second building in it’s AYKON district, overlooking Dubai Canal. DAMAC properties has recently procured a tender for a 1.7 million square foot luxury development construct in the heart of Dubai. Aykon is one of the biggest and most ambitious development centers in and around the Dubai area, featuring a city within a city. Aykon plaza exists within AYKON plaza, featuring a entertainment and lifestyle hub. In February, CSCEC, a Chinese development firm sought to build 600 dollars worth of property in the AYKON area. DAMAC is set to construct a 10 building tower with three basements, 49 residential floors and a rooftop and ground floor.


Hussain Sajwani is the leader, ownerand CEO of DAMAC development group, a company that was created in 1982 after he graduated from University of Washington. He chose the entrepreneurial path after being exposed to his father’s business as a child. Hassan formed the DAMAC company in 2002. Prior to this, he created a catering company that looked over 200 projects and providing 150,000 meals to people in three different continents.


With his educational background, Hussain Sajwani has successfully built a strong foundation in DAMAC properties. They have worked on projects all over the Middle East and abroad in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Amman, Beirut, Jeddah, Riyadh and London. DAMAC properties has worked on ambitious projects with Tiger Woods, the Trump Organization, Versace Home, Fendi Casa, Paramount Hotels & Resorts, among other companies.


As the CEO of DAMAC, Hussain Sajwani has a long and successful track record. He has other ventures in successful businesses like Al Amana Building Materials which has worked with the Villeroy & Boch, Grohe and Dorn Bracht brands, and DICO investments, as well as Al Anwar Ceramic Tiles Co, and Al Jazeira Services. Hussain Sajwani has achieved success in many areas and continues to be an active, accomplished investor in Dubai and around the globe.

Jeb McCaleb’s new entrepreneurial venture: Stellar

Since Jed McCaleb’s early days of creating cutting edge computer platforms and websites, like Mt. Gox, McCaleb has progressed to other cryptocurrency-focused ventures like Stellar.org.


When McCaleb created the first Bitcoin exchange, Mt. Gox, he didn’t spend much time holding onto his groundbreaking website — he sold his Bitcoin trading platform almost a year after he built it. For a stellar talent like Jed McCaleb, being on the cusp of cutting edge technologies as a programmer, and an entrepreneur is quite routine.


Jed McCaleb started blazing a trail in the computer platform building world in 2000. McCaleb hatched a peer-to-peer file sharing software program titled, eDonkey. It was the first program that allowed multiple nodes to download files.


Move forward to 2017, and Jed McCaleb is touting a new venture involving his new cryptocurrency-related platform called Stellar. As the CEO and Co-founder of the Stellar Foundation, Jeb McCaleb, and his fellow co-founder, Joyce Kim, are striving to find a solution for impediments involving Bitcoin. Some of these impediments include difficulties with scalability, and the lack of speed concerning blockchain transactions. McCaleb stated that he anticipates that blockchain technology, in the future, will drive a universal process involving banking transactions. McCaleb also predicts that blockchain technology will involve stock trading. McCaleb believes that Stellar.org is a solution for this untapped business sector, because it is an open-source network for banks that choose to be involved in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency.


For those 2 billion people who live in a developing world with no access to banks, the Stellar Foundation can help. McCaleb agues that Stellar Foundation is an important business and technology solution, because Stellar.org can bring affordable, yet secure methods for banks and their potential customers. Cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin, can fill the gap between those 2 billion people without banking institutions, and those financial entities, eager to build business relationships. Stellar.org can be this intermediary, in the same way that eDonkey once did for secure, peer-to-peer file downloading.


McCaleb’s future vision is to include banks in an open-source network that is affordable, secure, and robust enough for smooth cryptocurrency transactions.

The Seacrest We Love – Fashion with Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest is thought of across the country, because he is the American Idol. He has achieved his fame through being victorious at varied ventures. His introduction into fashion comes as no surprise. He hosts a television program and a radio show that have numerous viewers and listeners. The radio show is hosted in Los Angeles, and the TV program is additionally based in Los Angeles. He’s scheduled to host American Idol for one more season within the future. Ryan Seacrest prepares each weekend for the approaching series, and he doesn’t rest. Often, he can take flights from the big apple to LA so as to satisfy his obligations. This strenuous schedule is nice for motivation. He shows no signs of relaxing his standards or slowing his schedule.


Ryan Seacrest has recently joined forces with the large retailer Macy’s. The merchandiser has introduced a brand new phase of suits for Ryan Seacrest fans. The suits are designed within the same vogue style that Ryan Seacrest wears. They’re tight fitting, and tailored close to the body. Ryan Seacrest had the vision of giving his fan base with the flexibility to decorate their bodies with good suits. He wanted them to have quick access to fitted suits, regardless of what income tax bracket they live in. He has created his entire fashion line to market to everybody in every walk of life. His mentor likes his style in material, patterns, and details.


The tailored suits are merchandising at Macy’s, and Ryan Seacrest includes a line of ties, cuff-links, jewelry, pocket squares, belts, and alternative accessories to match the suits. The development process of the materials is extremely top quality. The jewelry and accessories are all custom chosen by Ryan Seacrest. He has created himself as a real enterpriser, and has brought his vision to society. Macy’s is the exclusive merchandiser of Ryan Seacrest’s new line. The 2 have a deal that may be useful to each party. These suits are the mark of Secrest’s next massive venture. He can still improve his portfolio, and he does not seem like he will stop anytime soon.

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