Central Regional Mobility Authority, a Provider of all Kinds of Mobility Solutions

Mike Heiligenstein is currently working as an Executive Director in a multimodal transport agency in Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority.Since 2003, he has been serving in growth management of Mobility Authority that has moved from being small transportation company to a nationally recognized leader in road provision services and operations. Mike oversaw the development of the first toll road 183A during his tenure at the agency. Mike lead to the creation of optimized efficiency by implementing the cost-effective technology.Learn more : https://www.crunchbase.com/person/mike-heiligenstein#/entity


The vibrant and vocal campaigner for bicycle and pedestrian facilities, Mike Heiligenstein, worked hard to ensure the provision of such types of equipment through projects carried out by Mobility Authority. For 30 years working as a public official, Mike Heiligenstein focal point was on infrastructure projects. Many projects on transportation that he worked on include acquisition of parkland and developing Brushy Creek Regional Trail.


In a heated argument by the American-Statesman about the traffic congestion that had been predicted to raise in Austin, the surrounding community needed an urgent tech measure to solve the oncoming perceived danger. The Statesmen gratified Mike Heiligenstein for identifying a fundamental issue and acknowledged that there was a need for various resources to tackle the traffic woes, an obligation that Central Regional Mobility Authority was in a position to address.


Central Regional Mobility Authority provided all kinds of mobility solutions on roads. The 183A Toll road they had built in Cedar Park was transforming and improving communities. Consequently, there was an increased growth in areas served by the facility. Besides, the company had developed U.S. 290 toll road located in the middle of Austin and Manor. The road was thrice the size of the previous drive and also enhanced the on toll lanes which existed earlier.Learn more : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZfCSQct7ih


The focal point of Mobility Authority job is to innovate. For instance, the latest MoPac Express Lanes under construction will provide several tolling that uses state of the art technology in the management of the flow of traffic. Even though eliminating the entire traffic congestion is almost impossible, Mopac has reduced traffic significantly.Learn more : http://www.mobilityauthority.com/about/


Mike also hinted that his team was devoted to providing baked based technology solutions into the upcoming projects to develop “smart roads.” This ambitious plan will involve embedding fiber lines along the 183 South project built between US 290 and airport. On completion of the project, it will usher in a new era which vehicles can “talk” to the road.