How Randal Nardone Has Been A Valuable Asset To Fortress Investment Group For Over Two Decades

In 1998, Randal Nardone co-founded Fortress Investment Group with co-founder Wes Edens. Since then, Randal has been responsibly and diligently handling a senior management role and has been an integral part of major acquisitions and decisions of the company. Randal Nardone is also a part of various subsidiaries of Fortress Investment Group such as FM Falstaff Advisors, Eurocastle Investment, Newcastle Investment Holdings, FMA LLC and Impac Commercial Holdings. He entered the list of billionaires by Forbes in 2007 and currently stands at the 557th position in the list of worldwide billionaires with a net worth of $1.8 billion.

Randal Nardone graduated from the University of Connecticut in the field of English and Biology. Later, he completed his Jurisprudence from the Law School of Boston University. He kick-started his career with a law firm called Thacher Proffitt & Wood where he practiced for a while as a member of executive committee and a partner. His next moved was a complete change of profession and he ended up working as a principal of investment firm BlackRock Financial Management. After a few years, he switched to UBS bank and with time became a managing director of the company before founding Fortress Group in 98’.

From the year 2006, Randal Nardone has been an active board member of Fortress Group. The year 2007 is a historic year for Fortress Investment Group as they offered their shares in an IPO and went public. This transition made him and the other principals a billionaire overnight. In 2011, Randal Nardone was appointed as the interim CEO of Fortress Investment Group and after serving for one year, he was appointed as the permanent CEO in 2012. At the same time Fortress Investment Group, the largest alternative asset management firm has been handling assets worth $43.6 billion annually.

In the year 2013, Fortress Investment Group was purchased by the Tokyo Banking Giant SoftBank Inc. for a staggering $3.3 billion. It was believed that after major acquisitions in the last decade, Fortress Group needed guidance and easy access to more data points for analysis and securing more customers. SoftBank’s unique business strategies to double up their current annual revenue intrigued the Fortress Group owners and the transaction was made. It was agreed upon that Fortress Group would retain autonomy and will continue to progress without supervision and hindrance from SoftBank.

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Trump Bonus Checks And Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks Are For Sure Real

Freedom Checks is money received from companies otherwise called master limited partnerships as a profit after investing in the companies. Many misconceptions surrounding freedom checks have come up even after Matt Badiali took to “Real Wealth Strategist” newsletter to enlighten people on the investment opportunities in the master limited partnerships. One thing is for sure, they are real and Americans have an opportunity to earn more income than they could with the government’s programs.

There are over 500 MLPs in the United States. The MLPs passes 90% of their profits to investors as required by the law. The profits are what Matt Badiali called “freedom checks”. But who is Matt Badiali? Well, he is a financial guru with a geology background known around the world for his research on mining, oil, gas and agriculture industries. He was a geology lecturer at Duke University as well as the University of North Carolina.

Matt Badiali worked in the mining and energy sector for quite a while. He got a chance to meet CEOs in the industry who helped him build on his knowledge in the sector. He turned out to be an investment expert who released a lot of research relied upon by so many people across the United States. He predicted that MLPs will pay approximately $34.6 billion to investors in form of freedom checks in the next 12 months.

The government enacted Statute-26 F in 1987, a federal law that brought about the existence of master limited partnerships. The MLPs are exempted from taxes and in return, they are required to give 90% of their earnings to their investors. In addition, the returns that investors are not taxed. The only taxes that investors are subjected to are on proceeds from selling investments.

Investing in MLPs is as easy as buying Google or Apple shares. Matt Badiali has capitalized on research and through his newsletter, he informed people of lucrative companies to invest in.

In the same breathe, Trump Bonus Checks are being issued out to servicemen and women in the armed forces and their families. The checks are issued in honor of the veterans’ distinguished services, work ethic and patriotism. According, to Mike Burnick, the country’s veterans deserve to be honored. Both the freedom checks and Trump bonus checks comes with a considerable investment responsibility on your part.

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Insightful Coverage on Alex Hern Work and Creations

Alex Hern has been in the business industry for over 25 years. He has concentrated much on start-up companies and early stages of technology companies, having also been the co-founder of Inktomi Goldman Sachs-led IPO (INKT) and worked as the Director. He also co-founded Military Commercial Technologies (Milcom) and worked there as the Chief Executive Officer and the Chairman from 1996 to 1998. Alex Hern has worked with Silicon Valley Capital as Executive Vice President and as the Co-chairman of the Board of Directors since the company was formed.

The last ten years have seen Mr. Hern work dynamically in the business sector concentrating on incubation and initial stages of young and emerging technology companies. Besides, he has been a board member of ArcSight, CloudShield, Mobile Airwaves Inc, Triton Network Systems,, AlterEgo networks, Inkotomi and IRDG. Mr. Hern was also privileged to give his services is New Homes Realty Inc. where he worked as the director, in addition to co-founding and playing a role in the Board of Members with since it was established to when it sold its shares to the public. Later, it was sold to CMGI who bought it at $650 million.

Mr. Hern worked at the company for ten months. He is the founder of Tsunami XR which is a software company, and from 2004 Tsunami has come up with a new idea of creating software applications. If you are to implement AR solutions for international business, you have to implement visually appealing and very workable applications. Alex put together these applications and analyzed the required data to come out with complex products. This has also enabled him to develop effective ways of working, and have enough time to innovate on equipment. He also provides more training for his workers on safety issues and high performance. New AR solutions are being innovated daily making the list endless. A lot of companies globally have embraced Tsunami XR software options due to the reason that they work well with other top hardware devices.

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Randal Nardone Continues To Run The Fortress Investment Group

In 1998, Randal Nardone, Rob Kauffman, and Wes Edens founded the Fortress Investment Group LLC principally as a private equity firm but quickly expanded its business to encompass hedge funds, real estate investments, and debt securities as well. In 2007, the Fortress Investment Group went public with its Initial Public Offering and became the first equity firm to be publicly traded. At the same time, Randal Nardone instantly became a billionaire and landed on Forbes Billionaire List in the ranking of #557 when the 53 million shares he owned were valued at $1.6 billion, which. However, shares of the Fortress Investment Group’s stock have since fallen significantly, and Mr. Nardone is no longer on Forbes Billionaire List. Before co-founding the Fortress Investment Group, Randal Nardone was a managing director at UBS. Since the founding of the Fortress Investment Group, Mr. Nardone has served as the firm’s Principal and on December 21, 2011 became the firm’s Group’s interim Chief Executive Officer. And in 2013, Randal Nardone officially became the Fortress Investment Group’s sitting Chief Executive Officer, a position he still, to date, holds. Mr. Nardone serves as Chief Operating Officer, Principal, and Chief Executive Officer for the Fortress Investment Fund IV and V that he co-founded, as well as Secretary, Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, Principal, and Chief Executive Officer for the Fortress Registered Investment Trust that he also co-founded. Mr. Nardone is a graduate of the University of Connecticut with two B.A. degrees, one in English and one in Biology, and also holds a J.D. degree from the Boston University School of Law.

In December of 2017, the Fortress Investment Group was acquired by the SoftBank Group, a tech-to-telecoms group based in Japan led by Masayoshi Son. Prior to getting permission from the CFIUS for the $3.3 billion acquisition of the Fortress Investment Group, the SoftBank Group had to agree to give up day-to-day control over the Fortress Investment Group, which means that Randal Nardone still holds his Chief Executive Officer position and continues to run the Fortress Investment Group as an independent division of SoftBank Group.

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Fortress Investment Group Co Founder Randal Nardone

Randal Nardone is an entrepreneur and executive in the financial services industry. He is one of the top executives and co founders of Fortress Investment Group. Before starting up Fortress Investment Group, Randal worked as an attorney for several years. However, Randal has experienced most of his success in financial services industry. During his career, he has been a key member of many leadership teams. Randal Nardone has held many key leadership positions that include principal, chief executive officer and managing director. All of these positions have helped Randal establish himself as one of the wealthiest financial services entrepreneurs in the United States. He was recently named to the list of billionaires of Forbes Magazine.

Before co founding Fortress Investment Group, Randal Nardone spent a number of years working in top managerial positions in finance. He was the managing director of UBS for one year in the late 1990’s. Randal was involved in helping the firm acquire new clients as well as set goals, policies and strategies. During his stint at UBS, Randal was also able to help maintain the firm’s reputation as one of the leading financial services companies in the world.

The first time Randal Nardone got involved in finance was as an entrepreneur. After working as a lawyer for several years, Randal helped co found Blackrock Financial Management. This firm participated in asset management and advisory for different clients. While working at Blackrock Financial Management, Nardone served as its principal which was a top leadership role in the organization. This experience proved to be very beneficial for Nardone as it helped prepare him for his next entrepreneurial venture with Fortress Investment Group.

In the year 1998, Randal Nardone co founded Fortress Investment Group with Wes Edens. The firm specialized in managing all different types of assets such as equities, credit backed securities and real estate. Nardone immediately became part of the management committee as well as its principal. Several years later, Randal would also become a co Chief Executive Officer for the firm’s New York City headquarters. With his experience and knowledge, Randal helped build Fortress Investment Group into one of the leading investment firms in the entire world.

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Join Campaign Movement With The End Citizens United

The Political Action Committee, End Citizens United was formed to fight against billionaires who try to buy elections from the residents. The movement aims at pressuring the court of justice in the country to take action against those who go against the democracy. The grassroots donors fund this campaign movement when they need money to conduct their functions. The movement’s main objective is to make sure the billionaires bribing people for votes do not compromise the electoral system and that political system is not used to rig. Also, the movement is strict on measures concerning the state ballot at the national level. View the group’s profile on

End Citizens United Work To Achieve The Following:

First, is to raise the issue of money in politics as a national priority, and secondly is to make sure that the elected candidates are available to work with the citizens. Thirdly, the committee should carry out demonstrations regarding political power including those activities related to misuse of money from the politicians. Lastly, the organization is obligated to work with related agencies to bring into force the relevant electoral laws in the states.

It is the high time people start voting smartly for their leaders. Voters also need to have enough knowledge when choosing their leaders before the voting day. Powerful interactive tools can be used to ensure there is governing of the rights of voters.

The best thing about the campaign is that it allows people to have a better knowledge of politics. That includes knowing the lives and history of politicians from their birth, the school they went, their major achievements, and how they are related to politics. From this analysis, it is very easy for the voters to know the person that deserves the throne and why he or she is better than the other.

However, most rich people who influence the elections have not been happy with the changes that End Citizens United seeks to bring. The group is also committed to ensuring that ordinary citizens understand the benefits of democracy and the reason election systems should not be manipulated. To date, End Citizens United is proud to benefit from the support of ordinary citizens, and from the donations that come from people at the ground.

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Talos Energy A Safe Top Knoch Workplace

Talos Energy Inc. Houston Texas is a safe top Knoch workplace for its 132 employees. Senior Management and Executives alike all strive towards the same goal. To focus on using every resource available to their company to attain valuable resources. The specific resources in question here are crude oil and natural gas deposits. the deposits hidden deep underground were unreachable in the past.

However, new strides in seismic technology and the use of state-of-the-art drilling equipment make reaching the precious resources attainable. Talos Energy’s health and safety board of directors and safety managers keep a constant eye out for reaching their goal. As long as the goals completed safely! Talos employees of engineers, geologists, contractors are safe. Along with everyday people around the work environment are all kept safe during the drilling process.

Talos Energy Inc. also keeps the environment safe and hazard free. Since most of the drilling and extraction of the crude oil is done at sea, they must protect the wildlife. The Energy company employees 132 people in the Houston region. Talos Energy Inc. attained the Houston Chronicle rating of the top workplace for the years 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, in a row.

The company has Careers in the field are Exploration that includes probing with seismic equipment. Research and examination of the research make up an important part of the company. Once the sites have been examined, then the drilling engineers take over.

Production begins after the drilling has reached the oil or gas deposits. Production is extracting the resources from the well and transferring the resource to the proper containment vessel.

The oil and natural gasses are transported to a refinery where the refinery employees tune the resource into usable commodities. They make commodities like gasoline, oil, butane, methane, sulfur and more. Working for Talos Energy employees have variable schedules, room for advancement in his or her career. Talos offers employees benefits, and exceptional wage or salary compensation.

Talos Energy Inc. Also offers a variety of employment locations. The headquarters for the energy company in Houston Texas is for management employees. The company offers field locations in the Gulf of Mexico, the Texas Gulf Coast, the Louisiana Coast, and Southern Louisiana Coast. These work-site locations are both in deep water and shallow water drilling wells.

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Gareth Henry Lists Brazil As A Trading Opportunity

Gareth Henry is the executive of Fortress Investment Group and depicted Brazil as an excellent trading opportunity, among other places. According to the article by CNBC, it confirms that Brazil was surely the best spot to invest in the year 2014. Fortress at the time was one of the largest hedge fund firms as it has amassed $63 billion dollars.

According to the article he made the comments at an event in San Francisco. The reason that Brazil is a great investment is the market and the interest rates and with the elections going on at the time it boosted its value. They have also made good trades as Fortress executive Mike Novogratz was on the same page with Gareth Henry on the matter, as Novogratz listed that the president of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, was surely going to lose the election, which will cause a rally around the country. Gareth Henry also cited Japan and Scotland as good countries to invest in behind Brazil. He sees Japan having a great economy and having some of the best trades in 2014.

Henry believes the country put in good stimulus programs as well with their Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Scotland, on the other hand, has undergone some failures, which Gareth Henry sees as a plus when it comes to trading. The failed independence vote event changed from being not a big deal to being to creating a lot of uncertainty according to Gareth Henry. The executive is always sure to stay on top of all the new around the world and lists over the next year to be on top of it all when it comes to political change international relations. The risk that Fortress has taken have not paid off yet, but surely could in the future and in the grand scheme of things.

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Where Equities First Holdings Sees Itself In The Future

A company that’s seemingly always in their prime, Equities First Holdings is a financial enterprise of abundant achievements. From expanding their company by 50 percent in one year to instituting offices overseas, Equities First Holdings has time and again proven the extent to which they can thrive. Headquartered in Indiana, Equities First Holdings has transcended its American roots and established numerous operations in Bangkok, Asia, Singapore, Australia, and London. Though these accomplishments are commendable, Al Christy, EFH’s CEO, has far bigger plans for the company.

In fact, he hopes that their global workforce will reach a 60 percent increase by next year. What’s more, he wants to expand further into European markets as an attempt to create global reputation. Fortunately, Equities First Holdings has already accomplished tremendous success under the sage counsel of Christy. EFH will no doubt continue to thrive, ensuring that the company will receive enduring success.

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Fortress Investment Group: From An Idea To The Alternative Investment Firm

Fortress investment group was founded in 1998 by three investment experts Randal Nardone, Wes Edens, and Rob Kaufman. The primary aim of starting the company was to create a new type of investment firm specializing in private equity and modern investment vehicles. The leaders were able to manage managed to grow the assets from 400 million dollars to 3.9 billion dollars within the first five years. By the time the company went public in 2007, the assets under management had hit the $40 billion mark.

Expanding operations and going public

Under the leadership of Wes and Randal, the company grew its returns and created a lot of attention from other investors. In 2002 Peter Briger joined the company as a principal and Michael Novogratz as a fund manager. Before joining Fortress, Peter Briger worked at Goldman Sachs for 15 years. To increase its profitability, the company made a series of acquisitions including the Intrawest, Florida East Industries, and the Penn National Gaming. This saw the company go public list with the New York Stock Exchange in 2007 making it the first private equity firm to trade shares publicly.

After the IPO the company’s profile rose significantly and expanded its presence in the United States. The business extended its services internationally focusing on Italian NPL and Asian oriented funds. In 2010 fortress investment group purchased spring leaf Financial Services and managed to increase its value to 27 times its initial worth. Other notable acquisitions include Graticule Asset Management, Mount Kellett, and Logan Circle Partners.

Awards and recognitions

Fortress investment group has received several recognitions for its success. For instance, the investment firm was in 2012 recognized as the Discretionary Macro-focused hedge fund manager of the year. It had also scooped the credit-focused investment firm of the year in 2010 and 2011 consecutively. In 2014 it was named the hedge fund of the year and also the management firm of the year.

Softbank acquisition

In 2017, the Fortress Investment Group made headlines when Softbank made its intentions of buying the company public. This would result in the company delisting from the stock exchange market and revert to its privatized state. Softbank is a Japanese multinational investment company that specializes in finding technological startups all over the world. It will nonetheless continue to operate as an independent branch of the Tokyo based banker while maintaining its top leadership, the New York headquarters, and its client base.

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