NGP VAN- Running technology-based campaigns for the Democrats

Technology in the world is taking over in almost every aspect of life. Politics have not been left back. Today’s technology has shifted from a “labor-intensive” to a “technology-intensive” approach. With almost everyone owning a smartphone device, technology is becoming the most versatile way of reaching out to the electorate.

Big data and social media are becoming increasingly important in collection and dissemination of information. Information is probably the most important thing in politics. Every political party and politician is trying to win an election. With elections becoming high-stake, everyone is going out of the norm to get a win. The Democrats, seem to understand this very well and started using alternative ways of reaching out to the voters in the election of 2008.

NGP VAN is an organization that has been working closely with the Democrats in winning the 2008 and 2012 general elections won by Barack Obama. The firm played a significant role in helping the party reach out to the grassroots voters. Technology enables political parties to know where their voter base is and then allow them to intensify campaigns so that the voters can come out on the voting day to cast their votes.



NGP VAN is registered as a database and web-hosting company. It is located in Washington-DC. It works with organizations which would like to hire its services for the purpose of applying technology in political campaigns. The company is utilizing proliferation of web-based and smart-based applications to reach out to the voters.


Contemporary politics are using technology because it is the most effective way of reaching the voters. People now rely on technology for almost every information out there. By utilizing, technology, one will be targeting individual voters. The technology-based politics successfully worked when NGP VAN successfully ran the campaigns of Obama for two consecutive elections.


NGP VAN ensures that they run on the latest technologies. With technology evolving rapidly, it is important to work with a company that is on the frontline, working on new methods of reaching out to the voters via technology. NGP VAN is that company that could secure a win for your political party easily.