Sussex Health Care And Dr. Shafik Sachedina Role In Its Development

Dr. Shafik Sachedina is an expert in Dental Surgery. Over the years, his commitment to his work and experience in different institutions advanced his leadership and management skills. As a result, Shafik was appointed to the Islamic Publication Limited at the age of 41. Since then, Shafik has held four appointments at four companies. Additionally, he has served in different capacities at the Jamati Institution of the Aga Khan Foundation.


Dr.Shafik Sachedina is a native of Tanzania. He was born in 1950. He would then enroll as a dental surgeon at Guy’s Hospital Medical. Later, he graduated from the Dental School, the University of London as a qualified Dental Surgeon. He spent his life in dental surgery practicing in England. In 1985, Sachedina co-founded Sussex Health Care. There he worked as a director. The U.K based institution offers support and care facilities to the elderly, those with dementia, those with neurological issues, and those in need of PMLD care. Over the years, Sachedina has developed an entrepreneurial interest in the medical industry. In 1992, he became a director at Imara UK Limited, a company in the development and building industry. He worked with the organization for five years. Additionally, he has served in the same capacity at Horsham Clinic Limited.


At mid-90’s Sachedina was appointed to head the department of the Ismaili community. The institution is at the secretariat of his Highness the Aga Khan. It is based in Aiglemont, France. His role as a HOD includes organizing programs and coordinating the organization’s activities in 16 principle areas. Additionally, Shafik ensures that there is coordination between the Aga Khan Development Network programs and those of the Ismaili communities in Central Asia. Most of his work at AKDN is under voluntary capacity.

About Sussex Health Care and his Contributions

Sussex Health Care was founded in 1985 by Shiraz Boghani and Dr. Shafik Sachedina. It operates care centers and support homes. They take pride in providing quality personalized services to the elderly and adult people with neurological and learning problems. They have additional services offered on request. They include physiotherapy, reflexology, and occupational therapy. The staff at the Sussex healthcare homes are experienced and qualified with some possessing Level 5 Diploma in professional practice. Under the management of Shafik, the institution has served over 300,000 people. Recently, they opened a daycare in Broadbridge Heath, West Sussex. The facility offers residential and outreach placement for adults with neurological conditions. In line, is the development of a facility aimed at helping people with autism and the young generation with learning disabilities.