The Illustrious Career of Clay Siegall.

Clay Siegall is not your ordinary everyday doctor; he is a practitioner in a class of his own. With a broad educational background, Clay is recognized by many as a philanthropist, author, scientist, mentor, and most importantly as a doctor. He is an active member of the cancer research community and has contributed his time and knowledge towards finding solutions to the killer disease.

Dr. Siegall is the proprietor of Seattle Genetics, one of the most recognized and respected oncology biotech firms in the world. The corporation is renowned for the creation of antibody-based therapies for the treatment of cancer. He serves as the president as well as chief executive responsible for over 1,000 employees.

Clay Siegall earns his respect due to his ability to tackle cancer progressively. He entirely dedicates his time and resources towards the course, and nothing gives him more pride than when he can make a discovery every day. Clay has been a member of the cancer research community for more than three decades and has worked in various companies. Over these years, Clay has worked in multiple institutes including National Institutes of Health, and the Bristol Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute, organizations that are committed to the fight against cancer.

Clay Siegall has over the years displayed exceptional leadership skills that have positively shaped his career. His passion and commitment to fighting cancer started when he was pursuing his university degree. At that time, his father was undergoing cancer treatment, and Clay saw how the processes and therapies were affecting him. The experience was traumatizing, but it shaped Clay’s destiny for the better. He made a vow to specialize in Oncology and after graduation, make a difference in the world.

With its base in Seattle, Washington, Seattle Genetics is among the top producers of antibody-based therapies. Its premier drug was referred to as ADCETRIS, and today it is used all over the globe. Thanks to its continued research and developments, the corporation has more than 20 other quality drugs in its portfolio. Clay Siegall continues to steer the firm towards developing more medicines and therapies to deal with cancer.