Sightsavers Helps Arrest Eye Problems across the World

Eye health is a crucial subject that requires professionalism. There are plenty of things an individual can do to keep their eye health in check. But, there are times when even the general doctor cannot reverse the situation. In such instances, Sightsavers come in handy. Well, this organization was formed by a blind man. Perhaps he realized that the world would be a better place with his input since many people had irreversible blindness.


Sightsavers was formed in 1950. The organization has an international presence in some of the world’s developing countries. Initially, it was called the British Empire Society for the Blind, and it helped people across six countries. Its mission is educating and rehabilitating members of the society on how to treat eye problems.


Sightsavers conducted a general survey about eye health in Africa in 1953. The analysis indicated that 80 percent of blind people suffered from preventable situations. Others could also be cured. Coupled with trachoma and onchocerciasis, fondly defined as river blindness, many people from West Africa suffered from different eye health issues. In 1955, Sightsavers created pioneer schemes for training in the rural areas with the intention of integrating blind people in their communities and teaching them useful skills like crop cultivation, herding, as well as fishing.

Contribution to the Community


In some states, disability is linked to inability. This means that scholars are not allowed to enroll in school. As such, Sightsavers has been supporting inclusive education. Children with visual impairment are permitted to earn an education. These classes encourage governments to help scholars with disabilities get access to quality education.


Sightsavers offers programs that help the disabled feel included in community projects. Since many governments have various policies but they limit such people from participating, it has become increasingly important for Sightsavers to build capacity for organizations to include the less fortunate and people with disability to enjoy constructive activities in their communities. Besides, the foundation operates in different spheres of life including employment, arts, culture, education, and environment. With these dockets, the company hopes to eliminate eye problems in different communities.