The Legitimacy of Freedom Checks

The Internet is filled with offers that may seem enticing, but they end up not being the same as they originally advertised. There is a large section of the Internet dedicated to get-rich-quick schemes, which makes people begin to question whether any website or offer they encounter is legitimate. Unfortunately, this also means that there are many Americans who will pass up on the opportunity that the next round of freedom checks has to offer.

Matt Badiali, the geologist who discovered these unique investments, released a video in which he revealed an investment that is based on America’s energy independence goal that the nation expects to reach in the coming years. With the reinvestment in American energy, the dependence on foreign oil from the Middle East will decrease, which will boost the profits of American oil and gas production. This will allow the companies to pay out close to $34.6 billion to savvy investors in the form of freedom checks over the next year. Matt estimates that an investment of $1,000 could turn into $398,000, which may signal some people to believe that there is no way freedom checks can be legitimate. They simply discredit it as a scam without thinking much of it.

However, they are actually not a scam as some may think or presume. Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs) issue the freedom checks. In order for a company to qualify as an MLP, it must pay out a minimum of 90 percent of their income to its investors, which Matt refers to as freedom checks. There are currently 568 companies that give out these quarterly or monthly payments, and the MLP distributions are quite similar to common stock dividends. Additionally, buying MLP shares is as simple as buying Google or Apple shares. Pay outs are distributed either into one’s brokerage account or sent to their mailing address.

Why Equities First Holdings Australia Has Options to Use Funding

Equities First Holdings Australia (EFH AU) has gained trust of people with their professionalism and integrity. They opened their doors in 2014 and offered clients equity-loans and financial advice. Trust of the EFH AU’s products created growth. EFH AU has been responsible for providing its’ customers good loan terms. An equity-loans allows you to use stocks at collateral. EFH AU ensures a good analysis of stocks’ future valuation is done for the value of stock is accurate for a loan.

EFH AU has been responsible for helping businesses with equity-loans, and individuals will be will be able to use loans. EFH AU has three offices that will be able to help its customers. Most businesses come to EFH AU to receive funding for certain business projects or expansion. For example, Environmental Clean Technologies Limited (ECT) used EFH AU to gain funding for a project that would be conducted in India. ECT’s project had nearly $30 million in funding, and EFH AU was happy to help them with funding.

Businesses can use the principal of the equity-loan for anything. ECT could have used the principal for anything, if they decided not to use the funding for the project. EFH AU is a leader in the lending industry thanks to the use of an equity-loan.

Madison Streets Capital helps Napoleon acquire a credit Facility

Napoleon Machine got a big boost from one of the leading investment banking firms, Madison Street Capital. The company which acted as a financial advisor arranged for the facility, and this means many benefits for Napoleon are on the way. Napoleon is a manufacturing company founded in 2010 and offers various services to its clients. Some of their services include light assembly, painting, customizable metal fabrication among other services provided to clients. Madison Street Capital arranged with Sterling Commercial Credit which offered the credit facility to Napoleon Machine. The Madison CEO, Charles Botchway announced the transaction.




What does the credit facility mean for Napoleon Machine? It means the company will have an access of capital to enable it to run its operations. With the access to operating capital, it means they will offer the best services to their clients. Their main aim is to use this capital to expand and cater to the growing needs of their customers. That gives the company to grow in their business and attract a wide range of clients.




The Madison Street has a team of experts who are always dedicated to working with their customers. They do not jump into a project without knowing what it is all about. Their first thing to do is to learn and understand what the project entails so that they can come with proper decisions. That is why it is not easy to find them making the wrong choices. When working with Napoleon Machine, they took their time to understand what the company needed to operate smoothly and expand their marketplace. After listening and understanding their story, they came up with the creative facility which will enable the company to boost its performance in its field. The transaction was completed when they the team of experts explained the importance of this credit facility to Napoleon Machine. The president of the company is optimistic to continue working with Madison Street Capital.




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Madison Street Capital is a company founded on integrity and excellence. It is run by a team of able leaders and experts who have made it possible for the company to achieve such success when it comes to financial investment decisions. Since it was started, the company has helped many of its clients to achieve their goals and missions. They provide their services to both local and international clients, and they have been reputable so far. Why the success of Madison Street Capital? They take your goals as theirs and work to ensure they achieve them. They do not relent until they have accomplished the goals that you have set out to accomplish. They will take your business from one level to another.


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