Chris Linkas: Teaching Millennials the Genius of Compounding

People like easy, quick things. We have so much to get done each day that we now equate speed with efficacy. In investing, that correlation does not exist. Chris Linkas is on a mission to teach millennials that saving for retirement is better when started earlier, allowing for much lower monthly savings deposits.


Chris Linkas recommends saving in accounts that pay dividends like a 401k. Reinvesting dividends can greatly increase your wealth because you can take advantage of compounding, basically earning interest on the interest you already earned (and reinvested). As time goes on, your account will start yielding almost outrageous dividends and you will be able to afford nice and reliable things.


Chris Linkas has twenty-five years of experience in the financial sector and currently works for a well respected U.K. based investment firm. In a reflection of his personal habits, he urges each of his clients and investors to continually be willing to learn and adequately do their research so they can build a strong portfolio and take rewarding risks.


To those who delayed starting a dividend yielding account, taking risks can be intimidating and can stall their progress toward retirements. Chris Linkas knows that starting to save for retirement early and using an investment portfolio like a 401k can really a young person’s confidence and get them ahead in life.


This confidence and better financial position will allow them to take bigger risks (although still within the realm the investor is suited for) and see bigger returns. The key to this easy road to retirement is starting to save early, choosing a dividend yielding account like 401k, reinvesting the dividends to take advantage of compounding, and being consistent. Chris Linkas is motivating young people to take this easy first step to improving their lives and ensuring a comfortable retirement.