Sheldon Lavin; Sustainability Is Key In Food Production

In business, sustainability refers to evaluating the financial, environmental risks, opportunities, as well as obligations. The three variables can at times be called profits, the people in addition to the planet. Even so, this approach highly relies on a formula in accounting. Its perspective captures time element. This element is inherent in business. Moreover, sustainability in business reflects resiliency. For OSI Group, this has been a major determining factor in the operation of the company.

OSI Group and Its Leadership

OSI Group was established in 1909 by Otto Kolschwosky. He had just moved to Chicago from Germany and realized that the city was a business hub. As such, he founded a small butcher shop that supplies tons of meat to the locals. People seemed impressed by that move. In fact, Otto garnered a lot of clients. At that juncture, he decided to venture into global expansion and rebranding. He hired Sheldon Lavin to assist with finance and business administration.

Lavin Joins OSI Group

When Sheldon Lavin graduated from the school of finance, he started a boutique finance consulting firm that assisted masses to manage their businesses. Otto appointed him to oversee the rebranding of Otto & Sons. While at it, he bought the firm’s controlling shares thereby becoming the CEO. Today, Sheldon Lavin is helping OSI Group to maintain sustainable food production.

Roles and Responsibilities

Business sustainability needs a firm to adhere to basic sustainability principles. Some of these principles include stakeholder engagement where an organization learns to listen to clients by supplying their demands. With that said Sheldon Lavin has been helping OSI Group understand various client demands and supplying these demands by availing the needed products in the outlets.


With the guidance of Lavin, OSI Group has become a leading food provider not only in America but the world. The company has different branches across the world. These affiliates total to about 65 facilities in about 17 countries. Following his ability to help the company grow, Lavin has received awards on behalf of the company. Some of these awards include the Global Visionary Award for 2016 where he was recognized for streamlining the firm’s operations. OSI Group continues to be a force to reckon with in the food production industry.

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Sheldon Lavin’s Journey From The Bank To A Successful CEO

Seldom will you talk about OSI group without Sheldon Lavin’s name popping up countless times. His extensive knowledge and experience in finance and leadership have put a long list of success stories on his table. From the bank to the food processing industry where is currently.

Most operations of the legendary businessman are within Chicago, Illinois, United States. His history with the OSI group stretched way back in 1970 when he helped to finance the group in the bid to enlarge its business activities. Then, Otto and Sons developed an interest in working with him as a leader.

From the time he joined OSI group, he has seen the company through the most innovative experiences in food processing and supply. Then, the company had its operations within Chicago, a few decades later, today, it is one of the leading food processing industries in the world.

Sheldon Lavin is well known to be the most visionary leader the industrial sector has ever had. He works diligently to ensure job creation and growth. Today, the OSI group has more than 20,000 employees under his watch. Besides, he has come out as a source of inspiration to the generations to come, to take an active role in entrepreneurship and venture in global business.

His life does not end in business; he is also one of the most philanthropic cooperate leaders in Chicago. The Ronald McDonald House charity is one of the institutions Sheldon Lavin has offered his hand incredibly. He has such an open heart that is irresistible to many.

Among other highly profiled positions, he has held the director of National Fish and Wildlife Foundations and a trustee of Rush Universities Medical Center. His efforts have not gone to waste; he has received many awards from different institutions that have followed his contribution to the world carefully. In the most recent, he won a Global Visionary Award. Sheldon Lavin has also been recognized for the environmentally and sustainability awards.

With all this on his shoulder, Sheldon Lavin has not failed in his role as a parent. He is married to one wife and blessed with three children. On a daily basis, in his active leadership, Sheldon managed to juggle between family and business.

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