Enhanced Athletes Wins Key Battle In Court

Enhanced Athlete, a company that is headquartered in Cheyenne, Wisconsin, has successfully convinced a United States District Judge to render the injunction against them resulting from a claim of false advertising useless.


The case against Enhanced athlete was raised by Nutrition Distribution LLC and heard by the Eastern District Court of California. The case against Enhanced Athlete, a company that sales and distributes supplements that benefit bodybuilders and others interested in fitness, was one of 70 lawsuits raised by Nutrition Distribution against competitors in the industry.


Nutrition Distribution has taken the position that they are a leader in the nutritional supplement industry and that their business interests are being threatened directly by false advertising on the part of other companies.


Enhanced Athlete has adamantly defended their company practices as being honest and counters the claims of Nutrition Distribution by saying they are engaging in “shakedown lawsuits” in an effort to extort settlement money from its competitors. EA continues their rebuttal of the claims made by Nutrition Distribution by pointing out that no proof of damages has been or can be shown by the company because there is absolutely no connection between the accusations that have been lodged against other companies and any declining sales experienced by Nutrition Distribution.


Scott Cavell, the chief executive officer for Enhanced Athlete, explains that his company does not intend to be another victim of shakedowns orchestrated by Nutrition Distribution. Cavell went on to say that this pattern of behaviors will continue as long as supplement companies decide to pay settlements in lieu of engaging in the process of litigation.


About Enhanced Athlete


Enhanced Athlete is the only company supplying nutritional supplementation to operate under a non-profit model. The company reinvests all proceeds earned from sales to facilitate further research as well as the development of products distributed by the company.


The goal of Enhanced Athlete is to produce products that combined the highest elements of quality, consumer safety, effectiveness, and affordability. The company is committed only exposing the market to products that have been rigorously tested and found to be of the highest possible quality while maintaining a price with which its competitors cannot compete.


Enhanced Athlete is not a company that promotes fad diets, popular trends in exercising, or the hype that comes from mainstream media sources. The single goal of the company is to affect a positive change in the industry by producing top quality supplements for low cost to consumers.