How Malcolm CasSelle Is Promoting the Growth of Markets for In-Game Asset Exchange

The creation of WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange) has demonstrated to the tech world the power of companies and that of individuals to create tokens from in-game items. The creation of WAX’s platform has also availed a decentralized platform through which everyone can transact within the marketplace for exchanging virtual game assets.


WAX currently is reducing transaction costs while at the same time creating a marketplace that enables the transfer of assets for even games that didn’t have the functionality before. The ability to exchange in-game tokens is currently allowing the players to fractionalize their profits with other players.


It is worth noting that the tokenization of assets comes with its sets of challenges. The primary issue that has to be addressed within the Worldwide Asset eXchange is how to guarantee that all tokens traded within the market remain tied to their assets within the blockchain network.


To address this challenge, WAX has designed a multi-layered governance approach that can provide the clients using the platform with an oversight role. There are users within the marketplace who are responsible for transferring the tokens. These users are called Transfer Agents. Currently, the Transfer Agents have a supervisory committee referred to as Guilds.


In the governance of the Worldwide Assets eXchange, there are penalties imposed on Transfer Agents who do not carry on their mandate. The Penalties are enforced by the Guilds so that its reputation and that of the platform is upheld. The economic feedback imposed on the Worldwide Asset eXchange guarantees that items and tokens remain connected to their virtual assets.


The serving president at the Worldwide Asset eXchange is Malcolm CasSelle. He is also the current CIO at OPSKins. OPSKins is the world’s most trusted marketplace that enables players to trade on items from video games. Malcolm CasSelle has previously held other executive positions; he was the president of the Tribune Publishing previously known as Tronc.


Malcolm CasSelle has worked at SeaChange International; this is the same firm that acquired his company Timeline Labs. Malcolm was the CEO of Timeline Labs, a company that focused on analyzing engaging digital content.


Nathaniel Ru Feeds People Great Taste and Health

One of the best types of industries for people is the food industry. However, there are many different types of companies within the food industry. Among these different types of food company is the fast food company. This is one of the major focuses of the food industry because it is one of the best selling types of companies. The only thing is that the fast food industry has a reputation of being unhealthy. One reason behind this is that this is often the only type of food that companies within the industry offer. Fortunately, there are CEOs like Nathaniel Ru that are working to change the perception of the fast food category.


One thing that Nathaniel Ru has done which is significant was found Sweetgreen. Sweetgreen is considered a fast food company. However, there is a difference in the quality and category of food that is offered by the company compared to the other fast food companies. In place of the usual burgers, tacos or any other type of comfort food is the salad and the more carefully prepared food. While many fast food companies offer salads, Sweetgreen offers a wide variety of salads with a wide variety of dressings for people to choose from.


Sweetgreen also has a wide variety of other types of foods for people to choose from. Therefore, people don’t have to just settle for salads when they go to this fast food company. They can also choose and even create their own healthy meal. This is one good approach that Sweetgreen has. It offers people the chance to customize their meals.


The best part of Nathaniel Ru’s Sweetgreen is that the food presented to his customers are not just healthy but flavorful as well. One thing that healthier foods tend to have a reputation of is being bland or tasteless. This is one thing that makes eating healthy a little harder for people who are used to the full flavors of the foods they have always loved eating. However, the best aspects of Sweetgreen is that there is a lot of room for flavor when it comes to the meals that they are presented.