Trabuco: A Historic War Machine

Trabuco the war machine was invented from what was known as the old sling. What brought the difference in the sling was the size of the wood piece which was an extension of the machine and it could help to lever. It had been a good revolution that was from the Chinese discoveries. It had a traction bolt and all it meant was the machine could be used by many people and they could pull the string which was attached to the short arm.

This was a small machine that had a small extension but it had an advantage of being able to throw many projectiles within a short period of time. It was also portable and easy when transported. One person and weight could be able to execute the projectile by pulling a single rope. During middle age era, most of Trabuco machine were very big and required 15 to 45 people so that they can handle them. This task was left for the citizen of those areas who were men so that they can operate the machine while defending their city from their enemies.


The first time a deadly Trabuco machine called Counterbalance blunder is believable to have come from Muslim areas. This is according to the scholar work of Mardi Al-Tarsusi the Muslim according to He didn’t like the machine and in his scholar, he described it as a great invention by the unbelieving demons. The demons could have been the Christians who came from Europe. A man called Saladin was a crusade active participant during his career time mostly but the manuscript talks of either the Mongolians or the Chinese people’s weapons.

What most of the people said about the machines is that they could throw destructive balls. Ti took them even more than 14 days for them to have prepared them depending on the size they wanted. In Chinese history is where the counterweight blunderbusses came from and Chinese records it from 1628 after the Mongolians had attacked Fancheng according to

The time the gunpowder came to the war, Trabuco war machine lost its value of being regarded as the best machine for cannon. It had been registered last time to be used in 1521 when Herman Cortes used it to attack the Aztec capital and won the war. He decided to use the machine because at that time there was inadequate gunpowder. The British also used the Machine to attack Spaniards when the guns had become insufficient and they took the victory.

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