Paul Mampilly Says Invest In The Future Today

Paul Mampilly has kids who are smart about finance because he taught them how to invest in stocks and other financial assets at a young age. They are also up to speed on the trends in technology that will shape the future. That’s why he often tries out his investment pitches with his kids before he tries them on other adults. Whether its 3D printing, robot workers, or self driving vehicles, they love to hear about the wonders that are just around the corner.

What we often get wrong is the likelihood that a new technology that’s generating buzz will achieve wide adoption in the future. Technologies often fail because they don’t have the right cost-benefit ratio or aren’t a better option than what’s available. When evaluating new trends to invest in, it’s important to pick the ones that have entered a period of wider adoption, and Paul Mampilly thinks he knows a good bet that’s available right now.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a trend that’s poised to begin revolutionizing daily life as it reaches a critical mass of industry adopters, according to an article Paul Mampilly recently wrote on his blog. It’s a proven concept that has already begun to change our lives. From smart home gadgets to factory automation, it’s turning out that connecting appliances, sensors, and machines to the internet makes good business sense. The data that these devices collect every second is unleashing the power of big data, and the devices themselves are improving safety and efficiency.

An example is a new airplane engine made by Pratt & Whitney, which is equipped with as many as 5,000 sensors. The data generated by all of these sensors and collected over the internet improves safety and increases our understanding of airplane engines. The bottom line, as Paul Mampilly is right to point out, is a win for both passengers and the airline industry.

IoT is one trend that’s poised for massive growth in the next few years to come. That means companies that are developing these products today are likely to be ones that receive the windfalls when it happens.

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Talk Fusion New app

Since it was founded in 2007, Talk Fusions has become a popular communication and advertising tool used by most businesses across the world. Talk Fusion is basically in the video communications business. The company has been launching new products every year that are designed to help businesses connect with their clients easily. Talk Fusion makes products for broadcasting, video conferencing and social media networking. The Founder and CEO of Talk Fusion Bob Reina said that the mission of his company is to change the way people communicate around the world whether in business or in personal lives.


Features of the new app


The CEO of the company recently announced the launch of a new product known as Fusion on the Go. It is a new product that is intended to improve user experience as well as make it easy and simple for businesses to communicate with their customers. The app comes with new and unique features that allow users to easily send personalized video messages to their targeted audiences from their devices. The app can be downloaded from Google Play Stores or from iTunes. However, Android users will require the 4.4.3 version or download a new system.


The value of Video email


Before the advent of video emails, most companies entirely relied on regular promotional emails to reach their customers. However, with the creation of video emails, businesses are able to incorporate video email to personalize their messages for customers and all their targeted audiences. These kinds of messages are more attention-grabbing compared to the normal promotional emails.


How the app works


Talk Fusion on the Go operates in a very simple way. Users can use their devices to send video messages from wherever they are. All you need to do is to do is to record a live video or use an earlier recorded one. After getting your video ready, you can then choose any template you like from the app and perform some editing before sending it to your preferred audience.


Upgrades and features on the app


Just like the other apps, Fusion on the Go has got several modifications. There is picture messaging feature which was previously not available. Besides, users are now able to set up chat rooms as per the country. You can also invite several people to join the chat are see who is online at that particular time. In a nutshell, the new app presents a great opportunity to businesses across the globe. Learn more: