Suf Air Celebrates Five Years With Its Customers

Surf Air started at LAX airport. The company wanted to give wealthy individuals the ability to maximize their weekends by offering charter flights to other California destinations. Members of the airline could schedule charter flights to Redwoods, Napa, Lake Tahoe or Santa Barbara.

Surf Air became the first airline club that allows members to schedule an unlimited number of charter flights in their network. It started in California five years ago and now the company has expanded. The intercontinental airline has just announced the addition of 20 new European cities to their network.

Members can now charter flights from LAX to Milan, Vienna, Luxembourg and Munich. And it doesn’t stop there. Surf Air recently teamed up with Blade Air to expand to even more destinations in the northeast.

Blade Air operates out of New York City. The company takes passenger members on helicopters and seaplanes from Manhattan to places like Nantucket, East Hampton and Newport. The member airline also runs seven different luxury lounges on the east coast. Surf Air members now have access to the entire menu of Blade Air services.

And to Surf Air has just announced free membership upgrades to all of its current customers in order to celebrate its five-year anniversary. This comes just as the private terminal in LAX opens up for business.

The private terminal allows members of Surf Air to avoid all the large crowds at LAX. Members are treated to a low-profile entry into the airport that sees them skipping security lines and long customs waits. The private terminal has its own security force and its own customs agents. Members are taken right to their plane waiting out on the tarmac while Surf Air employees immediately handle customer’s bags.

Easy LAX entry, private charter flights and an expanded network should see Surf Air expand even more in the very near future.