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System Control For Contraband Cellphones


We could list roughly a 1,000 ways that illegal contraband enters private facilities. This contraband is part of an illegal system of operates who learn about technology and other areas that can infiltrate protected areas. One way that those in the criminal world are developing deals with cellphones.


Securus Technologies is a national, leading security agency that works to fight against the contraband flowing into private sectors and against the people who help sustain illegal activity. Securus operates with a system control on contraband cellphones and works to identify an infiltration if its own networks are hacked.



Built For Fort Knox And Used In A Private Facility


The resulting technology of Securus Technologies has the reputation of Fort Knox. The difference is that it takes advanced security technology and in order to monitor criminal infiltration. This market is also very large. There’s a huge manufacturer that creates clothing and gear for the private industry.


Other agencies work to provide meals private facilities prepare and consume. From snacks to electronics that end up in private facilities, there’s no end to the many manufacturing needs required that mirrors the productivity of the public world. Securus solely focuses on the safety tech of privates facilities.



The Technology Of The Criminal Mind


Safety in the hands of Securus is a matter of protecting professionals and government agencies from criminal activity and from infiltrations. These two concepts are where Securus thrives as a leader in security for the private sector. The agency masters technology based protection against illegal activity.


It monitors these activities and in order to identify crime.


It’s not always clear what the intent of criminal minds are.


It takes gradual steps and monitoring to ensure that the info you gather is not misleading you. Criminals also have rights protecting them, so no agency can make assumptions in the criminal world.

Securus Technologies Acquires JPay Company

Securus Technologies is a leading provider of technology solutions in the inmate industry. The company has achieved their professional excellence by working hard to meet the technology needs of the modernized inmate industry. For more than two decades of experience and excellence, the company has always stayed ahead of the rest in the issuance of perfect technology solutions that are geared towards making the incarceration experience modernized. This is perhaps the reason why the company has been adopted for better business in the inmate industry. Few companies in the correctional space can amount their levels of success with Securus Technologies.


JPay is one of the leading companies in electronic payments. The company has worked hard to develop better business solutions when it comes to electronic payments in the inmate industry. For more than one decade of experience in the industry, the company is working towards solving the business needs of many inmates through the digitized payment forms that offer the highest levels of security in the industry. Perhaps this is the reason why the company is upheld in greater business reviews. If we are to achieve our activation procedures, few companies could achieve the most sophisticated business platforms like Securus Technologies.


Securus Technologies has announced that they are set to purchase JPay Company. For more than five years now, Securus Technologies has admired the services JPay Company provides in the industry. This is the reason why they are setting out to assimilate better business solutions through this acquisition. Securus Technologies is expected to become one of the fastest growing companies in the United States through this acquisition. For this reason, they have amassed better business values in a manner that depicts their true nature in the industry. JPay has also admired Securus Technologies for more than one decade because they were looking for an opportunity to grow faster.


Securus Technologies – Offering Highly Efficient Investigative Solutions and Inmate Communication Services

Securus Technologies has become one of the leading crime prevention technology firm in the United States, and rightfully so. The entire correctional industry has widely appreciated the company’s dedicated approach to innovate and modernize the incarceration experience. Many different technology firms are operating in the prison world, but Securus Technologies has been able to stand out from the crowd because of its focus on research and development. The company has a separate study and development based technology center in Dallas, where it also has its headquarters. Securus Technologies has its regional offices located in Carrollton, Allen, and Atlanta.



Securus Technologies started operations in the year 1986, and since then has dominated the correctional industry. The company provides many different types of products and services to the inmates as well as law enforcement officers. The law enforcement officers across the country are pleased with the services provided by Securus Technologies, and many of them even write letters or emails to the company showing their admiration for the enterprise. Securus Technologies recently published the excerpts from many of these letters. In the news release, the company’s CEO also invited the customers and investors to check out the company’s technology center in Dallas and see for themselves the progress company has made in developing new technologies for inmate communication and crime prevention technology.



Securus Technologies has one of the best customer services in the industry, and it has also won the Gold Stevie award for the same. The prices of the inmate communication services have been kept quiet by Securus Technologies to ensure that there is no extra financial burden on the inmates, who are already going through a tough time. Many of the inmates, as well as law enforcement officers, are of opinion that Securus Technologies is the best correctional firm in the country today.



Rick Smith of Securus Technologies Helps in Promoting Societal Safety by Developing Useful Programs

The key component of an organization structure is leadership. With proper leadership comes success and the leader is in a position to not only develop useful strategies but also monitor the team. Rick Smith of Securus Technologies is an excellent example of a leader who uses smart strategies to revolutionize the society through the invention of high-tech communication gadgets. Rick Smith joined Securus Technologies in 2008. His career experience played a vital role in electing him as the leader.


With his focus and determination in providing excellent services in every company he works for, Rick Smith won the hearts of many co-workers. Through his determination has he been able to move the company to greater heights of achievement. As the head of Securus, Rick Smith has championed the development of several communications gadgets. These gadgets are not only of high quality but also effective. With the impressive track record, he has received public recognition for several client reviews. Rick Smith’s skills and unique understanding of situations prove that he has an excellent track record of work. Rich Smith’s experiences border business development, technology, telecommunications, finance as well as operations. His impressive leadership skills set him apart. Read more about Rick Smith Securus on

Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a firm with the headquarters in Dallas. Under the guidance of Rick Smith, the company provides a vast range of communications services for inmates. The company serves over 100,000 prisoners across 2,600 facilities. From public safety to security agencies, Securus Technologies prides itself on being the leading provider of communications, biometric analysis, emergency response, and monitoring as well as incident management. The company has successfully provided these services through the leadership and insight of Rick Smith. Rick Smith later moved to Eschelon Telecom Inc. He served from 1998 TO 2000 as the chief financial officer. He was then elevated to president of the company.


Smith has a strong academic background that robustly supports his leadership position. He holds an associate’s degree from the University of Rochester. He also holds a master’s in engineering from the New York State University. Smith advanced his studies by re-joining the Rochester University at the Simon School and majoring in MBA.


Rick Smith’s career in the communications industry began in 1972. He worked for Global Crossing in North America. His duties involved being the lead controller as well as the chief information officer of the company. He also worked at Frontier Information Technologies as the president. Later on, Rick Smith joined Midwest Telephone Operations as the vice president. He then joined Network Plant Operations as the director in charge of business development. Rick Smith Securus is responsible for the entire management. Smith oversees the management of the company. Through his excellent leadership skills, Smith has been able to spearhead the firm into being a leading inmate’s communication services provider. Read more on about Rick Smith Securus.

Keeping Jail Employees Safer with Securus Technologies

I work in a prison that is overpopulated and dangerous, and currently the inmates outnumber us corrections officers by 5:1 any time of the day. To try and make sure we all work in a safe environment, we have to work hard to keep all sorts of contraband out of he jail. The only way the issue gets worse is when visitors smuggle in all sorts of contraband to help inmates.


Our team stands guard at the visitor center and we work very hard to check every person coming into our prison. Certain crafty inmates can make weapons out of everyday items like pens, toothbrushes, and even shoelaces. Nothing is allowed to be given to the inmates without permission, but these inmates have developed ingenious ways to get the things they desperately need.


When items do slip by the staff, then we have to work even harder at our surprise cell inspections. Even though the inmates are not sure exactly when we are coming, they do know it will be happening in their cells soon. They go to great lengths to conceal those items either right there in the cells or somewhere in the jail where they can get them quickly. Even with the help of drug sniffing dogs, we don’t find everything. These inmates have developed systems for warning each other and staying minutes ahead of our searches.


To help in our efforts to control the flow of contraband in jail, we have recently turned to Securus Technologies for help. This company installs inmate communication monitoring systems that allow us a new way to listen in on calls the inmates make. Unlike the old dated system, the new system uses software to do the work of a dozen officers. We decided we were going to fight the problem with contraband this way to tighten down on the trouble.


Securus Technologies is headed by CEO Richard Smith, and he tells us that his 1,000 employees are committed to one objective, making sure that the world is a safer place as a result of their efforts. Having systems installed in over 2,600 jails only instills confidence in my team that we have partnered with a company who is as dedicated as we are to jail safety.


It did not take long before an alert was reported concerning inmates talking about how they hide contraband out in the yard to use if the order comes in to take down another inmate. We discovered where the inmates were hiding drugs in the cells and which inmates were actually doing drugs at night. Our team was even able to recover a number of illegal cellphones the inmates had smuggled into the jail they have been using to make calls without fear of us officers listening in.


Securus Technologies Revolutionizes the Prison System

Prison officials and administrators have found an effective in their fight to create a safer and crime free prison system and have now taken to posting their stories on the internet. In an age where public perception falls to side against large companies to see clients so satisfied with a service that they would take to not only posting comments on the company’s website but even sending physical letters to express their gratitude is a rather refreshing sight. The company who clients cannot help but applaud is none other than Securus Technologies, the telecom company who provides prison facilities across the country with technical solutions for inmate communications.


Securus Technologies Extends Service Beyond Simply Connecting Inmates with Loved Ones on the Outside


Securus Technologies’s communication solutions have found praise for allowing inmates to connect with their loved ones utilizing a safe and reliable connection, but the real praise comes in the form of how prison administrators and officials have used Securus Technologies’s solutions to help prevent crime.


Each client’s comment contains a different story of how Securus Technologies has helped them maintain a safer prison facility for all within its walls by aiding officials in crime reduction and prevention. Stories of illegal activities being intercepted before a crime can take place, corruption among guards, and convictions gained all point back to Securus Technologies as the reason for their success.


Securus Technologies Clients Use Their Communication Solutions to Prevent Crime


Preventing crime among a population of people who have demonstrated an inclination towards criminal behavior is no easy tasks but armed with Securus Technologies many services prison administrators have found an indispensable tool in creating a better prison system.


If you are interested in the many ways Securus has helped create a crime free prison system, please visit