Alex Paul Helps The Chainsmokers Stand Out in The Current State of The Music Industry

The music industry has blown up in many different ways. For one thing, people used to listen to music exclusively on the radio and through music video channels. However, social media has made it easier for people to discover new music. It has also made it easier for people who are passionate about music to release new tracks to the public. Therefore, people have access to a wider variety of music than ever before. This means that in order for a band to actually be influential, it is going to have to work even harder than before. One type of band that has made a lot of progress in the world of music is The Chainsmokers. One of the members of the group is Alex Paul.


Alex Paul is a DJ who is a large part of the music that The Chainsmokers have offered. One thing that he does is make sure that the beat is both catchy and unique. Even in this day and age, a lot of artists tend to sound the same in their music. They sound so much alike that back in earlier eras, they would’ve had a case for plagiarism. Alex Paul has come up with a lot of beats that are different than what even they have put out sometime back.


Alex Paul also experiments with different tones in their music. For instance, some of their latest hits have been rather edgy in tone. Among the singles they have released is Sick Boy. This is one of the deeper tracks they have released in which it talks about being different. The most recent album that has been released has a lot of tracks that sound very good to listen to. They are contributing to the already hot playlist of the summer. They continue to impress a lot of fans.

Kim Dao’s interview with Indeamensch

Kim Dao is an inspiring Youtube blogger. She started he channel to show her first trip to Japan but did not know how deeply it would impact people. It caught on like wildfire and has grown ever since. Now she blogs about travel, fashion, and makeup.

Kim Dao is a native of Australia and received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Western Australia. Her ideas are brought to life by interactions with her followers, and what they are interested in seeing her do. A typical day for the fashion blogger consists of seeing what her audience wants, and then making a video around that subject. Trends that excite her are social media and technological advancements. It’s the direction in which the world is going in. When asked what she would change if she could start over again, she said nothing. Kim Dao also believes that communication is very important to make her an effective entrepreneur. She believes that she has experienced no failures as an entrepreneur, only ways to learn and experience life. If Kim Dao could share one piece of advice for readers is that everyone should find what they are passionate about and make a business surrounding that. The best $100 dollars she spent recently? A plane ticket to Australia from Japan to see loved ones. Skype is Kim Dao’s favorite piece of technology and software, and she uses a lot. As far as who has influenced her thinking she would say Rolf Potts. He is a write/explorer.

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