Oncotarget And Their Medical Journal Publications

Oncotarget has a medical journal that was created for the masses of people who have not been able to submit their material to larger journals. This article takes a look at what Oncotarget does to ensure the publication has the finest research from the best minds. There is a review panel that does quite a lot of work on behalf of their readers, and they will reply to all submissions with input that may improve the research for the future. Oncotarget is also available on Dove Press.

#1: How Do Submissions Work?

Oncotarget has a large journal that is archived online, and it may be read by anyone at any time. The journal is quite expansive, and they welcome research from a number of places that have been seen in other journals. There are quite a few people who are reading Oncotarget to learn about their own condition, or they are family members searching for greater information.

#2: How Is The Journal Published?

The journal is published all online, and it is a lovely journal that ensures that everyone who needs information will be able to understand. Oncotarget focuses on making their journal as simple as possible, and their review panel will ask for revisions when they believe the content is a bit difficult to read. There is quite a lot of power in what Oncotarget has to offer, and they reach the ears of many people who could not understand a larger journal.

#3: Checking The Archives

The archives of the journal are posted online for all to read, and there are quite a few people who will find the information in the archives to be illuminating. There are several different articles that may serve them well, and the articles may be printed from the archive when needed.

There are quite a few people who will rely on Oncotarget for the medical information they need to ensure their future health. The journal uses a professional review panel that will ensure every article has been poured over properly, and they will release only the finest research from those who may not have been able to get into another journal in the past. Follow Oncotarget journal on Twitter.

Hussain Sajwani; Investor, Entrepreneur, Billionaire

Hussain Sajwani is the founder and Chairman of DAMAC Properties. DAMAC Properties is the largest luxury property developers in the Middle East. Hussain Sajwani was introduced to business in his childhood. He spent a lot of time in his father’s shop.

Hussain attended the University of Washington where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics in 1981. He was employed by GASCO as a contracts manager after graduation. He did not work here for long. He left the company in 1982 to venture into entrepreneurship.

Hussain started a catering venture that he named the DAMAC Group. The company provides hundreds of thousands of meals each day in several areas including Russia, Africa, and the Middle East. They serve meals at construction sites, army camps, top hotels, and learning institutions.

Some of the organizations and companies that they have served include the U.S. Military and Betchel. Betchel is a construction company. DAMAC received an award from the US Military for their extraordinary service during the Iraqi war. Read more: Hussain Sajwani | Forbes and DAMAC Chairman Relishes His Roots

Hussain Sajwani saw an opportunity in the property market in Dubai when the government started to allow foreigners to own property in the region in 2002. He started DAMAC Properties to fill this gap in the market.

The company has its headquarters in the United Arab Emirates. Sajwani’s leadership helped the company to navigate through hard times during the economic downturn of 2008.

Hussain Sajwani and Donald Trump have been business partners for a long time. They have collaborated on various projects together. The Trump World Golf Course is slated to open next year. It was designed by Tiger Woods who is a decorated golfer.

The Trump International Golf Course was opened in February. It is situated on the Akoya residential development that is owned by DAMAC. Sajwani and his wife were guests at Trump’s new year’s eve celebration which was held in Florida. Learn more about Hussain Sajwani Family: http://www.arabianbusiness.com/the-world-richest-arabs-2014-574217.html?view=profile&itemid=574179#.WHgeI2QrIUs

Hussain Sajwani has invested in several other companies over the course of his career including Al Anwar Ceramic Tiles Co, Al Jazeira Services, and Al Amana Building Materials.

Entrepreneurship Runs in the Family with Sawyer Howitt

Sawyer Howitt’s father founded the Meriwether group and Sawyer is following in his father’s footsteps. He has made sure to set his intentions on his business success very clearly. Sawyer Howitt is the project manager of the Meriwether group, and although he is young for this position as he is still in High School, Sawyer most definitely has all of the skills that it takes to succeed. Sawyer Howitt has the mind of an entrepreneur, just like his father. He makes sure to always bring his very competitive attitude as well as his first-rate mind to his job every single day.

Click here to learn more about Sawyer Howitt.

Sawyer Howitt also has a background in athletics, being a racquetball player. He also has a background in startups. Having these backgrounds has helped him to have the understanding of how important acceleration is. He not only is continually thinking like an entrepreneur, he also has the ability to work as part of a team. His father was able to hit gold with the Meriwether Group and it appears as though Sawyer Howitt will be able to do the same. It appears as though he was born with this natural ability to know just exactly what consumers not only need but also what they want.

Source:  https://plus.google.com/106374879342400822061

Tony Petrello; An Outstanding Business Executive

Antony ‘Tony’ Petrello is the President, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chairman of the Board and Executive Committee of Nabors Industries Ltd. based in Hamilton, Bermuda. The company is the largest geothermal and natural gas drilling contractor in the world. It has operations running in the United States of America, Far East, and Africa. It started as Anglo Energy Ltd in 1968.

Education and Career

Tony Petrello is a graduate of Harvard University and Yale University, from where he acquired a law degree and bachelor and master’s degrees in Mathematics. Anthony Petrello’s professional journey began in 1979 when he joined Baker & McKenzie law firm. Between 1986 and 1991, Tony was the Managing Partner of its New York office.

In 1991 he joined Nabors Industries as Chief Operating Officer. A year later Tony was made the President of the company. In 2003, he became the Deputy Chairman of Nabors Industries and held this position until June 2012. In 2011, Tony had become the Chief Executive Officer of the company. Since 2012, he has been the Chairman of the Board of Nabors Industries.

Lloyd Grove’s article in The Daily Beast

Anthony’s college roommate named Lloyd Grove wrote an article about the mogul published in The Daily Beast. Lloyd was curious when he saw a list of the highest paid people worldwide. The name at the number one position was familiar to him. He then investigated the individual by browsing the Nabors Industries’ website only to confirm that it was Tony, Anthony Petrello’s nickname.

The two had been roommates back in college. Grove described Anthony Petrello as a skinny scholarship kid from New York with a thick Jersey accent. He said Tony was an Italian-American with an extrovert personality and extremely fond of pizza. That used to enjoy making jokes about his family and was quick to laugh during mealtimes. According to Grove, Petrello had a natural gift in at Mathematics.


Anthony Petrello and his spouse, Cynthia, have a daughter named Carena. Unfortunately, she was born prematurely and weighed just below 20 ounces. Carena was diagnosed with Periventricular Leukomalacia (PVL). This was due to lack of blood flow and oxygen to her brain. The PVL further developed into Cerebral Palsy. This disease causes developmental issues including slow growth. This, however, challenged the couple to find a solution to the problem. They put their efforts into working with the Texas Children’s Hospital Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Institute. Tony and Cynthia gave a sum of $5 million as a donation to the research institute dedicated to the study of neurological diseases and their remedies.

Humility and A Great Lip Product Built EOS

EOS, the acronym for the company Evolution of Smooth, began manufacturing an unscented lip balm in 2009. That in of and itself was not remarkable. What is remarkable is how the company and its orb shaped product skyrocketed to be the second best selling lip balm in the United States.

Desiring to make a lip balm that looked different so as to stand out from its huge competition, EOS made their unscented natural lip balm and put it in a small globe shaped container. The pastel shade of the container made it as fun as its shape and while being easy to use. When celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian were spotted using the product, the sales climbed even higher.

EOS lip balm added mild flavors and matching colors to the product line like honeydew and mint and interest continued to soar. How EOS managed to surpass Blistex and Chapstick, companies that have been around for decades, is marketing genius and a lot of luck. Within very little time, EOS lip balm started appearing on shelves of retail outlets across the United States  such as Target,  Walgreens, Costco and Walmart. Online stores Amazon and eBay stocks EOS too!

When the researchers at EOS realized that more women than men used lip balm, they directed sales largely at them. They realized that women used lip balm as a beauty product to soften and hydrate lips and liked the product in a small pot rather than a stick. They also wanted to be able to apply it right from its container without using their fingers. That’s when EOS hit on its now famous shaped container. The top removes revealing a ball of product that can be swiped on the lips directly. It stands out from its competition and, with natural ingredients, works extremely well.

In addition to the unscented and mildly flavored varieties, EOS has also added lip balms that add a tint of color and one that is organic. This is one little pot of gold.

For more info, visit evolutionofsmooth.ca.

End Citizens United: Fighting Back Against Big-Money-Politics

When the Supreme Court made their decision on the Citizens United v. F.E.C. case in 2010, they changed our electoral landscape by opening the door for many special interests groups and billionaires to spend an untraceable, unlimited amount of money to tip the balance of power in their favor. Billionaires like the Koch Brothers are now not held accountable and can influence American politics in a completely legal, tremendous way.

The idea that “corporations are people” has not set well with many citizens. End Citizens United was created in 2015 as a Political Action Committee that was funded by their grassroots donors, with the dedication to counteract the Supreme Court’s ridiculous 2010 decision. End Citizens United plans on showing the country’s citizens, voters, candidates, and officials that the grassroots movement in this country will not back down and will fight against the boldness of billionaires and special interests.

End Citizens United plans on dismantling the big money that is being put into politics by pressuring lawmakers to take action and campaign a true finance reform. This PAC plans to elect campaign finance reform champions that will help citizens pass state and national ballot measures. The ultimate goal is to overturn the Citizens United v. F.E.C. decision. End Citizens United hopes to eventually end the unlimited money that is syphoned into the country’s political system.

Most champions of finance reform that are supported by End Citizens United are members of the Democratic Party. End Citizens United knows that most people in the country can agree that political spending is out of the control, including Republicans and Independents. Republican leadership in Congress however is part of what is standing directly in the way of overturning the decision. They stand up for their Democratic candidates to fight against special interest groups and mega-donors.

In less than 6 months, End Citizens United received over $2 million in donations, mostly from small donors and grassroots members. Over 300,000 people have signed their petition that demands the overturning of the Supreme Court’s decision, with that number likely in increase as its movement spreads. End Citizens United even partnered with “Ready for Hillary”, gaining access to their email list of over 4 million people to assist them in reaching more potential liberal supporters.

While there is always talk about campaign finance reform, End Citizens United has entered the hole in the conversation by addressing the political side of it. With plans to actually elect people, End Citizens United seems to be the first PAC to have significant influence by its millions of grassroots members.

The Rise of Arthur Becker-Undocumented Facts

Arthur Becker is a self-made individual. According to ideamensch.com, having been involved in many projects over the past, he has developed a highly innovative mind. Together with hard work, a man of great skill in real estate, biotechnology, and information technology has been created. He is a man who greatly believes in talent. A nation can only progress if only it invests both money and time on talented young and energetic minds.

As a young man, Arthur Becker mastered the art of being a successful entrepreneur. Having basic knowledge in business, he got to identify with what really drives an economy. In Arthur Becker’s view, being flexible is the key to success since it allows one to be highly adaptive to different clients and at different times.

Arthur Becker is not a man whose success was given on a silver platter. He had to toil like any other man so as to reach where he is today. At the age of sixteen, Arthur Becker was able to secure employment at the Parks Department, a job that hardly paid him much. With an undying passion to become better in life, he felt motivated to find himself an interesting but rather challenging job.

Being an entrepreneur, Arthur Becker has tried his hand in different businesses. However, not all of them have succeeded, but Arthur Becker has used his mistakes as a lesson in life. For the many companies that he has worked with, Arthur Becker has found that internal cohesion between both workers and top management is highly crucial. It is only a company which works as one cohesive unit that ends up succeeding.

In addition, Arthur Becker has a vested interest in cancer treatment. Other professions that interest him include information technology and real estate. He has in the past been able to work for companies like NaviSite in the capacity of CEO and senior advisor for Vera Wang Fashion Company. See, http://www.nytimes.com/1989/06/23/style/vera-wang-wed-to-arthur-becker.html.

Presently, Arthur Becker is both chairman and chief executive officer of Zinio LLC. He is also the managing member of Atlantic Investors LLC and the managing director of Madison Technology Group LLC.


JeanMarie Guenot Has Been Redefining Leadership At Amphivena Therapeutics


JeanMarie Guenot is the president and CEO of Amphivena Therapeutics, a company that focuses on the development of innovative bi-functional antibody treatments for hematologic malignancies. She is highly knowledgeable in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. In her 20 years of service, she worked for different companies ranging from public and private, corporate & commercial development, pharmaceutical R&D, venture capital and project & alliance management, to business development.

Jeanmarie’s website highlights how she is highly trained in physical and mechanical chemistry. She pursued legal studies at the University of California, San Francisco. The alumnus of Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania graduated with an MBA and a doctorate degree. JeanMarie is knowledgeable in the areas of semi-empirical and quantum mechanical methods for molecular dynamics, X-ray and NMR refinement as well as protein structure prediction and drug design. She is also skilled in building and reconstructing companies.

JeanMarie Guenot’s entrepreneurship career started at Atlas Venture where she was in charge of venture capital investments and established life science companies. Her scientific career took off at Hoffman-La Roche, where she served as a principal scientist in Preclinical R&D. Hoffman-La Roche deals with the research and development of treatments for inflammation, metabolic diseases, oncology and autoimmune diseases. Before joining Amphivena Therapeutics, JeanMarie established and managed SKS Ocular.

CrunchBase shows that she also worked as a business advisor for Hoffman-La Roche. Guenot worked for PDL BioPharma as the vice president of Corporate & Business Development. While here, JeanMarie Guenot was responsible for mergers & acquisitions, licensing and alliance management for the company’s R&D and commercial product portfolios. She oversaw and negotiated the strategic collaboration of co-development and co-commercialization of the Biogen Idec-PDL 50:50, a transaction worth $800 million. It involved three candidates of phase 2 cancer and autoimmune disease drug.

In addition, Guenot LLC approved the ophthalmic indication for the oncology drug to Ophthotech Corporation. JeanMarie has a deep background in the management of portfolio, alliance and projects in fields of cardiovascular diseases, oncology, autoimmune diseases, ophthalmic diseases and neurology. This information was originally mentioned on Amphivena’s website as outlined in the following link http://amphivena.com/leadership/