Serge Belamant: The Blockchain Technology Legend

Patents Covering Major Inventions

Among the many achievements by Serge Belamant, a renowned inventor is the filling for patents towards the protection of various inventions. The extensive list features patent applications for both the pending licenses and those that the United States Patent and Trademark Office have already issued. Belamant made most of the forms through Net1 UEPS Technologies. Such inventions include a system to verify the identity of the transacting individual, which seeks to facilitate financial transactions between prospective transactors and gaming firms.

Moreover, another invention is the provision of financial transactions with a different pin that makes it possible to carry out operations at various places including ATMs, points of sale, the internet, and logging in to financial accounts. Other inventions that Serge Belamant advocates for their patents include the designation of an electronic system of determining financial transactions, methods, and apparatus suitable for controlling gaming operations, and one that enhances the security of financial transactions.

The Blockchain Technology

Today, the blockchain sector is greatly revolutionizing the banking industry. Net1 Technologies takes the leading role in essential blockchain applications. With the use of blockchain technology, Net1 Technologies significantly earns free cash flows in the field of financial technology. The current undervaluation of stock gives it a significant growth opportunity into the future. For example, if the stock remains undervalued, Net1 Technologies can use its free cash flow generation to buy back all shares from the public by the next five years.

Additionally, the efforts by UEPS Net1 Technologies to create a patent for a unique blockchain technology using a smart card to serve as a debit card are a significant step in the evolutionary journey. The card is perfectly compatible with EuroPay MasterCard Visa. It heavily relies on a distributed form of ledgers that can successfully operate online and offline. Also, the cards can work without the help from a central computer.

About Serge Belamant

Serge Belamant is the founding father of Zilch Technologies Limited. Having been born in France in 1953, Serge re-located to South Africa as a young boy. Besides learning English while in high school, he also undertook rugby. He takes pride in a diverse career background as the basis of his remarkable career achievements. In the tertiary level of education, Belamant switched courses from engineering to computer science as well as applied mathematics. UNISA also trained him in information systems. To date, Belamant holds the patent to the first incarnation of the blockchain technology since creating it in 1989.

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