How OSI Group Became a Billion Dollar Brand

OSI Group is one of the largest food organizations in the world. According to Forbes, the food production company brought in more than three billion dollars last year. The company has humble beginnings that began out of a Chicago neighborhood. Immigrant, the American dream and quality food runs deep in the veins of this mega good company. Becoming a billion dollar brand was no easy task. The company has had its fair share of trials and triumphs over the years. But the journey to being a billion dollar brand is a remarkable story that is both uplifting and entertaining.

It took a strong immigrant to move to a foreign land that promised great opportunities. Living in America in a place that spoke a different language and had a different culture was difficult for the German immigrant that began what would become OSI Group. But after two years, the immigrant finally opened up his own family business. Together the family worked for several decades to turn a small family run business into a lucrative regional food supplier.

When the next generation took over, they created OSI Group into a regional supplier of meats. This allowed the company to expand its production. This allowed the company to ramp up production and revenue. Doing all of this, eventually led to the company securing deals with bigger brands. Within a matter of decades, OSI Group began to spread throughout North America. Today, the company is involved in many different countries. They have company owned and operated facilities spread out across the globe. Nearly twenty thousand people work at these countless facilities. Their LinkedIn Profile.

One of the key reasons why OSI Group has been able to do billions of dollars in sales annually is because the company is progressive. They understand consumers hold companies more accountable today than ever. They understand consumers want to buy from companies that work to make sure they leave no negative impact on the environment. This food production brand is working to be completely sustainable. They want all of their facilities and processes to leave no damage on the world around us.