Insightful Coverage on Alex Hern Work and Creations

Alex Hern has been in the business industry for over 25 years. He has concentrated much on start-up companies and early stages of technology companies, having also been the co-founder of Inktomi Goldman Sachs-led IPO (INKT) and worked as the Director. He also co-founded Military Commercial Technologies (Milcom) and worked there as the Chief Executive Officer and the Chairman from 1996 to 1998. Alex Hern has worked with Silicon Valley Capital as Executive Vice President and as the Co-chairman of the Board of Directors since the company was formed.

The last ten years have seen Mr. Hern work dynamically in the business sector concentrating on incubation and initial stages of young and emerging technology companies. Besides, he has been a board member of ArcSight, CloudShield, Mobile Airwaves Inc, Triton Network Systems,, AlterEgo networks, Inkotomi and IRDG. Mr. Hern was also privileged to give his services is New Homes Realty Inc. where he worked as the director, in addition to co-founding and playing a role in the Board of Members with since it was established to when it sold its shares to the public. Later, it was sold to CMGI who bought it at $650 million.

Mr. Hern worked at the company for ten months. He is the founder of Tsunami XR which is a software company, and from 2004 Tsunami has come up with a new idea of creating software applications. If you are to implement AR solutions for international business, you have to implement visually appealing and very workable applications. Alex put together these applications and analyzed the required data to come out with complex products. This has also enabled him to develop effective ways of working, and have enough time to innovate on equipment. He also provides more training for his workers on safety issues and high performance. New AR solutions are being innovated daily making the list endless. A lot of companies globally have embraced Tsunami XR software options due to the reason that they work well with other top hardware devices.

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